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The moon has waned on our third Full Moon Erotica Flash Fiction. If you missed out on the action, or are simply looking for the play by play, you can catch up on all of our amazing authors here. Click on the story title to read their contribution. A huge thanks once again to all our authors. You make this event what it is. If you like what you read, please be sure to follow and check out their other work.




Blue Moon







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by Vixen @MyLittleVixen


Black Lace by @MyLittleVixen


by Vixen @MyLittleVixen

Vixen has a blog My Little Vixen. It's a lingerie blog and she has a special section, The Vixen's Boudoir, where she posts her erotic short stories. Be sure to check her out!

‘Oh god’… A tinkling sensation ran down her spine. She was exposed, bounded, and blinded. It was thrilling. The temperature continued to rise throughout her body as she was awaiting his next move. It was only moments ago he blinded her with the silk black lace embroidered eye mask. Her hands cuffed behind her small back. All her senses were heightened. Her face was flushed from her soft panting from his teasing taunts against her flesh. She was helpless. The buildup was exhilarating. The suspense in the air thickened. ‘More’… the one word that kept echoing in her mind that was driving her crazy. He was going to make her beg for it. He wanted to challenge her in every way until she would finally crack under his seductive assault and give herself to him completely... 

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Tag Teamed by @Lost_InSilence

Tag Teamed 

She flexed her fingers, turning her wrists in their restraints. She'd been there a while, her arms stretched above her head, cuffed to the bedposts.
And boy was anticipation eating her from the inside out.
Her entire body was tense, her lower parts aching for attention. The little toy he'd nestled inside of her causing her to rotate her hips againts the mattress, only driving her need.
Curling her toes, she bit her lip, pressing her face into the soft sheets, she silently wondered just how much more of this sweet torture she could handle.
Groaning, she clenched, a shuddered rolling down her spine.
The door creaked and a candle was lit. Followed by the soft sound of bare feet making their way across the carpet.
Her anticipation spiked.
No words were exchanged as her wrists were released. He flipped her onto her back and recuffed her.
His hands slid down her sides, fingers skimming the smooth, heated flesh.
A moan escaped and she arched into the touch. She was on fire, burning with a raging need.
His fingers roamed over her thighs, trailing across from front to back, moving close to her womanhood before scampering away.
Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her lip pulled before her teeth as she fought her body for control.
And then she stopped, stepping back from the bed before making his way toward the door. As he twisted the knob, someone new walked in.
A whole new level of excitement struck her and she nearly came at the thought.
Someone grabbed her ankle and dragged her down the bed. Hushed words were spoken and then the bed shifted.
She now lay with her legs angled off the bed, one man between her thighs, the other straddled across her chest, placing his large erection in her direct line of site.
Doing what she had been taught, she wrapped her fingers around that proud length and gave a gentle squeeze followed by a quick stroke.
Something grazed her soaked flesh and she whimpered. Fingers stroked her while she pleasured the cock before her.
There was a pull, followed by a sudden emptiness. She slipped her mouth around the man across her chest, taking him deep just as fingers found her depths.
Only to be replaced by the quick lick of a warm tongue, followed by the stink of cool leather.
A moan broke free and she squirmed.
Strong fingers dug into her thighs as he brought his mouth down once more, suckling her swollen flesh.
The man above her moved, pulling him from her mouth and hands. Whispers filled the room, followed by grunts of agreement.
The first man laid himself down beside her, then reached over and pulled her across him. Settling her burning core against his erection.
She felt someone move in behind her, the second man. And then there were hands involved.
The man under her reached between their bodies, positioned his length and plunged home. At the same time he started in with a gentle rocking motion, the man behind her slipped a finger into her tight entrance.
As she she focused on the mind shattering sensations she found the experience to be quite enjoyable
She could feel them both moving, stretching.
Grunts filled the room, alongside heavy breaths and greedy moans.
Then she felt the thick head of the second man press against her backside, stretching. She groaned and fell foward some, taking the first man deeper. Her hands gripped the sheets, her body shaking some.
She watched the man beneath her give a nod and then she was full to the brim. The man behind her paused, then started in with the same, gentle rocking motion of the first man.
As her body adjusted to the thick invasion, she found herself swimming in pleasure.
Soon, both men were rocking into her at an accelterated pace. More grunts filled the room, this time accompanied by the sound of flesh meeting flesh.
The orgasm tackled her from behind, taking her over the edge, once, twice and a third time as they continued to search for their own release.
A heavy palm smacked her ass, leaving a pleasant sting, drawing a whimper from her. He smacked her ass again, before digging his fingers into the flesh.
His other hand knotted her hair, pulling her back flush against his chest, forcing her to ride the man under her as he road her from behind.
Hot seed shot into her as both men found that sweet pleasure, bringing another orgasm for her.
As her men stilled beneath and behind her, she sort of fell forward, collapsing in the first man's chest.
The man behind her pulled out slowly before dropping onto the bed beside them. All three breathing heavily as they baked in the after glow.

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Catching Hell @Invidia_Demon @SamStJude

Catching Hell

Read the story HERE

Breakfast Can Wait - @DeadlyPayne

Breakfast Can Wait 

Mitch leaned his elbows on the counter, propping his head in his hand while he watched Aaden. Oblivious to the eyes watching him, Aaden continued shaking his boxer clad ass to the music while he whipped up breakfast. Mitch's lips curved into a smile as he glanced at the time, plenty of time before they had to get ready for their first public appearance. It was Aaden's brother's birthday and Mitch's buddy Rafe was supposedly going to pull his head of his ass and show up. If things went as planned, they'd have a lot of celebrating going on. Mitch's wasn't too worried about the reaction they'd get, the family all knew about them and well, if Z's friends had a problem, they could kick rocks.

Aaden glanced over his shoulder grinning, “You just gonna watch or what? His tone teasing, as they both knew Mitch wasn't that big a help in the kitchen.

Mitch laughed and pushed from the counter, rounding the small island in a few large steps before he wrapped his arms around Aaden's waist. Mitch ground his burgeoning erection, that his thin flannel bottoms could barely conceal, against Aaden's ass. “Tell me what you want me to do, lover.”

Aaden fought to remain on task, but Mitch had lowered his head and began to bite lightly on Aaden's neck, rendering him near helpless to resist. Aaden flipped off the burner before reaching back and cupping the back of Mitch's head, holding him close. He swiveled his hips, groaning at the sensation of Mitch pressing against him. “Keep it up and your breakfast will get cold.”

Aaden knew it was a lost cause, no matter how he might try, he could never get enough of Mitch and he also knew the feeling was mutual. Mitch slid a hand down Aaden's slightly rounded midsection and slipped past the waistband of Aaden's boxers. Mitch nipped Aaden's neck and sucked the slightly salty skin into his mouth as his fingers wrapped Aaden's length. Aaden's fingers tightened around Mitch's neck as he arched his body against Mitch with a low moan. “Bedroom, I don't keep the condoms in the kitchen sadly, maybe I should start.”

Mitch chuckled against Aaden's neck, turning them away from the stove and walking towards the bedroom. His fingers continued working their slow and torturous assault on Aaden's length as they walked, “We should have them in every room, just in case.”

They crossed the threshold into the bedroom, Aaden spinning in Mitch's arms and hooking his fingers in Mitch's bottoms as they walked towards the bed. Mitch used one hand to push down Aaden's boxers while using his other to guide them down to the mattress, lowering his head and claiming Aaden's lips in a bruising kiss. Aaden arched off the bed, grinding his hips against Mitch's one, one foot hooking Mitch's legs as he tugged Mitch's pajama bottoms down, needing to feel skin against skin. Mitch shimmied out of his pants, reluctant to part more than they had to, his hands trailing down Aaden's side to grope his ass. Aaden bit and sucked on Mitch's lower lip with a low moan as their hardened lengths slid along each others. “We need to hurry, Mitch, we have to leave soon.”

Mitch grinned and reached over at the table, “So impatient, A. You need to learn patience” He leaned back and opened the bottle of lube, squeezing it over his fingers.

Aaden watched through heavy lidded eyes, “You have plenty of time to teach me all about it.” His hand reached out to wrap his fingers around Mitch's length, his thumb tracing the throbbing vein. “But for now? He tugged Mitch's length pulling him towards him.

Mitch shook his head with a laugh, “Insatiable” He spread Aaden's legs wide, exposing his puckered hole. With a wicked grin, Mitch's slicked up fingers began tracing the sensitive spot, watching intently as Aaden began to writhe beneath him. Aaden's other hand reached blindly, searching the end table for the little foil packets. Mitch pressed a finger inside the tight ring and Aaden let out a dull moan as he brought the packet to his mouth and tore it open. Mitch bent and pumped his finger, tracing the walls before he pressed a second finger inside, scissoring them as he prepared Aaden for him, his eyes never leaving the deep brown eyes of his lover laying before him. Aaden fished out the condom and nearly dropped it when the second finger pressed inside, his teeth gnawing on his bottom lip. Aaden's other hand pumped Mitch's cock slow and steady before he pushed up a bit so he could see better. He positioned the condom and unrolled it down Mitch's thick length.

Mitch pulled his fingers free, slathering the excess lube on his length before he lined up, teasing Aaden with the head. Each rub, each barely penetrating movement had Aaden lifting his ass off the bed, his eyes locked on Mitch's, “Rotten tease.”

Mitch threw his head back with a loud laugh, then gripped Aaden's hip, rolling him onto the bed. Aaden braced his hands on the bed and looked over his shoulder, watching intently as Mitch gripped his hip in one hand, the other lining his length with Aaden's entrance. Aaden pressed back, pausing for a moment to adjust to to Mitch's size before he continued. Mitch let out a dull moan and his eyes rolled at the sensations, his fingers dug into Aaden's harshly as he began pulling him along his length. “Goddamn, Aaden”

Aaden rolled his hips, his own cock throbbing each time it connected with the soft blankets beneath him. Any semblance of coherency left him completely the moment Mitch began to fill him, all Aaden could focus on was the tight friction between them. They were both soon gasping for breath between moans as Mitch's pace increased, pulling out almost completely and slamming forward, filling the air with the slap of flesh and the squeak of the bed-frame. Mitch leaned over Aaden's back, brushing his lips over his spine, up to Aaden's ear. He flicked his tongue over the lobe, his hand curling Aaden's waist and encircling his rock hard length, stroking in time with his own hip movements. Aaden bucked against Mitch, grinding his ass harshly and squeezing his ass around Mitch. Aaden was close, he felt his spine tingling and Mitch must have sensed it because he took his hand from Aaden's length and palmed his hip, pulling him harder and faster with an almost frantic urgency.

Mitch's head dropped back as his body tensed, back bowing as a loud cry escaped his lips. He pumped until the throbbing in his cock stopped and he pulled out of Aaden's ass and flipped him over in one swift movement. Aaden hardly had time to think before Mitch positioned himself between Aaden's thighs and lowered his head, closing those full lips around Aaden's sensitive tip. Mitch let out a vibrating hum as he worked Aaden's full length into his mouth, his lips massaging as he sucked hard and fast. Aaden arched off the bed and dug his fingers into Mitch's hair, uttering a string of obscenities. Mitch increased his suction, making noisy slurps as he worked the length and soon had Aaden writhing beneath him before he let out a loud shout and gave in to his own release. Mitch swallowed every drop before slowly popping Aaden's cock free from his mouth and moving up his body, taking Aaden's lips in a tender kiss and jumping off the bed. He picked up the condom that had fallen off and tied it up before tossing it in the can, “C'mon now A. Breakfast is getting cold and we need to get going!” He laughed as he turned to the bathroom to brush his teeth, leaving Aaden in stunned silence.


You can read more of Payne's work over on her Tumblr

Champagne Kisses @RavenandBlack

Champagne Kisses

The deserted club was goddamn intimidating, and if she didn’t need the money and have a point to prove to her father, Sadhbh would be as far away as possible. Two hours early for her first shift, she was studiously scrubbing down the tables that were suspended by chains from the ceiling, and trying not to be creeped out by the silence or the black and red decor. Come opening time, the club would be packed. Doyle had told her at the interview that the Full Moons were the best. Mucho dinero. So obviously, he rota’d her, the new girl, in to cover the insanity. She hated him already. Sadhbh spritzed some more of the ‘Bar Keeper’s Friend’ to the wood. Working at the discoloured surface, she fidgeted in the too form-fitting, too short uniform, edging the hem down when it threatened to slip up over her ass.

‘I do believe I could eat off that table.’

The male voice came from the direction of the bar and she almost jumped out of her skin. She’d thought she was alone.

Heart in her throat, she turned warily to face the voice. It belonged to a big guy, his jaw dark with a few days beard and his eyes a toffee brown. A tight black tee was stretched over a heavily muscled torso, and she would have drooled. If she hadn’t noticed the bottle of champagne he’d lifted from the cooler. Drool-worthy was a thief.

She aimed a glare at him. ‘Put it back. That’s stealing.’ The flash of steel in his hand had her trying to reel her words back. Maybe not the best move.

‘It’s not stealing if you own it. I’m Brandr.’

Great. First shift and she was going to get fired for accusing the owner of being light-fingered.

‘Crap. I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise.’

‘You must be the new girl. Sive?’ His perfect pronunciation of her old-Irish name had never sounded so sexy as when he said it. She stepped towards the bar and he clasped her outstretched palm in a firm shake. Skin to skin, the touch was innocent, but the intimacy unnerved her. Close enough, she could see what the blade was really for. He had a dish of fresh oysters and he let go of her hand to pry one open, working it carefully until it offered up its juicy insides. The way he sucked that wet, succulent flesh between his lips made her insides quiver. ‘Would you care for one?’

She made a face at the offering. ‘No thank you. Not my thing.’

His lips curled in a smirk as he placed a pair of champagne flutes on the bar and filled both, sliding one in her direction. ‘What is your thing, Sive?’

‘Me? I like my meat. Bacon. Sausages.’

‘Oh, I just bet you do.’ His laughter was wicked and she blushed. What had she just said? She reached for the champagne and gulped it down. Shouldn’t be drinking on the job, but he was the boss.

‘I’m a farmer’s daughter.’ As if that explained her meat fetish.

‘I see. And what brings an innocent country girl like you to take a job in my club?’

‘I’m not so innocent.’ She wasn’t a virgin, exactly. Her ex had managed to get it in, after a lot of fumbling, but that was all the experience she could claim.

‘I’m working my way through university, studying veterinary medicine.’

Eyes the colour of liquid caramel lit up and his mouth spread into a devilish grin. ‘So you like animals?’

She frowned, indignant. He made her feel so young and gauche. ‘I’m not some little girl who wants to cure sick puppies. I grew up on a farm. I’ve won a scholarship to work on a big-cat breeding programme.’

His brow quirked, impressed. ‘So you know how to handle large beasts ...’ He dragged his teeth over his full lower lip, holding her gaze as he drank from the glass. ‘You’ll fit right in here.’

Refilling the glasses he walked around the bar and offered her one. God, he was huge. Instinctively, she backed up. Her ass collided with the edge of the table she’d been cleaning. She vaulted up and took the glass, drinking nervously.

He dragged a chair over and sat in front of her, those brown eyes intense, focussed on her as though she was edible.

Another sip and she was feeling a little tipsy and a lot turned on. The uniform rode up her thighs and his eyes fell to her tightly clamped knees.

He took her drink and set the champagne glasses down. ‘You know the best oysters to eat are the most tightly closed? The ones you need to prise apart.’ His hand was hot on her knee, and she swallowed hard when strong fingers slipped to the tight-pressed seam of her legs, pushing between her knees like the blade had done with the oysters. She yielded.

‘You want this?’ Hooded eyes held her flushed gaze as she bit her lip and nodded.

‘Yes,’ she breathed huskily, heart kicked to a gallop as his rough hands stroked up her inner thighs. Fingers hooked in her panties, sliding them down her legs. God, she was so exposed and the pressure of his hands on the insides of her knees only spread her wider to his hungry gaze. He was really going to...Holy cow. Of course, she’d heard about it, but sex with her ex had never been more adventurous than the Church-approved missionary position. She braced herself, hands gripping the chains that suspended the table from the ceiling...

His head of dark curls dipped and she felt the scruff of his beard graze her inner thighs, soothed by the cold softness of champagne-wet lips. His hands coaxed her wider, and she felt his hot breath on her intimate skin, followed by the muscular stroke of his velvet tongue, parting the seam of her cleft. A shiver ran up her spine, relaying down her legs to curl her toes as he flicked his tongue over the pearl of her sex, sucking softly on her outer lips.

‘You like that?’ Molten caramel eyes lifted to meet her glazed expression.

‘Oh God yes!’

He smiled wickedly, growling into her dripping folds. Her thighs tensed but he prised them open, torturing her with sensations. Slick and hot, she was squirming on his tongue, her head fuzzed by the slow, rhythmic dragging, her hips writhing. To get away or to get more friction, she wasn’t sure. She was on overload as he ate her alive. Her hands squeezed around the chains and her breath stuttered. He was stealing her ability to think, overriding everything with the burn of his beard rasping her inner thighs, the merciless lap of his tongue feeding on the liquid heat of her arousal. He stroked a finger inside the wet core of her and she cursed, head falling back, body kicking up. By the time he eased a second in, she was exhaling senseless noises and grinding into him, begging for more when bliss tightened low in her belly. His teeth scraped softly over the bead of her pleasure and she jerked, shuddering closer to the orgasmic edge. She stifled a whimper as he pulled his mouth away and cool air brushed her exposed skin. Her thighs were trembling, her sucked, swollen flesh throbbing for release. His thick fingers continued to pump as he ran his tongue slowly over lips glossed with her arousal, prominent canines dimpling his full mouth. She watched him take a mouthful of champagne, not realising his intention until his head was back between her legs and cold bubbles were trickling a tantalising kiss down her cleft. Her hips knifed up as the strength of her orgasm tackled her into jolts of ecstasy, pulsing around the girth of his fingers as he drowned her quivering flesh in champagne kisses. So wet, she couldn’t tell where the cold stream of bubbles began and her arousal ended, Brandr licked and sucked and drank her up in a stuttering cascade of orgasms. There was no room to catch breath before she was taken under again and again, an assault of pure, undiluted pleasure, bucking and whimpering until she was reduced to nothing but a puddle of sated female, sprawled across the table. Her brain was fried, up in the clouds and she couldn’t give a damn about being exposed. Wasn’t even sure she had the ability to move her legs, but Brandr wasn’t complaining. He was still between her thighs, satisfied, like he knew he was the source of her revelation. She never could have imagined sex could be so...


Beard bristling sensitive skin, his lips were silky on her thigh, a brief kiss before he pulled back and gently pressed her legs closed. Returning her modesty. She pulled herself up by the chains to find him looking up at her with low-lidded, self-satisfaction.

‘I would never have expected to find such a pearl. And here, of all places. You are exquisite, my delicious little oyster.’

She blushed and wet her lower lip. ‘I may have a new-found appreciation of oysters and champagne.’

He reached up to brush his thumb across her mouth. ‘Just a beginner’s lesson in educating your palate, Sive. Imagine the possibilities ... if you will open your mind.’

The job's prospects were suddenly looking up.

Raven and Black's paranormal romance novel BECOMING RED is available from Amazon HERE

A Surprise Lunch - @KingAlexander82

A Surprise Lunch

John speeds through the empty road on his deep apple red Yamaha motorcycle, slowing down only to make a few turns before he is at his wife’s job.  For the first time in a long time, he has the day off and decided to surprise his wife with an unplanned lunch date.  Bringing the bike to a stop he drops the kick stand and turns off the ignition.  A small group of women in business attire congregate in front of the office building staring to see what the guy on the motorcycle looks like. 
He takes off his helmet as he slowly walks toward them revealing a handsome face with a freshly cut goatee.  The women giggle and smile as he makes his way to the door.

“Is there something we can help you with?”  A woman with a slight island accent asks him.

“Do any of you know where Nicole is?  I’m her husband and I was going to see if she wants lunch.”

“Ah, so you’re the one we’ve heard so much about.”  The island woman’s eyes squint as she throws her cigarette to the ground and stomps it out.  “She and a couple of the guys are getting some boxes from the warehouse.  Come with me.  I’m Cydney but you can just call me ‘Cyd,’ everyone does.”

He offers his hand and she shakes it.  “I’m John, it’s nice to meet you.”


John follows her down the sidewalk and around the corner to another building in the back.  Her wide hips sway underneath her navy blue skirt and the way her ass sits up makes him wonder if she is actually built perfectly or if it is true about high heels helping to showcase the glutes.  She opens a set of double doors and escorts him inside.  It is dark, dusty, and damn near empty in the wide space.  They continue walking until they reach some office doors with boxes stacked outside of them.

She carefully opens the door a crack and peers in then looks back at John with a small grin on her face.  “As usual they got distracted from their job.  She’s taking one of her special breaks.”  She moves aside so he can see for himself.  The room is empty except for an old wooden desk and a leather chair.  Nicole is in the chair naked from the waist down.  Her legs are draped over each of the arm rest.  Kneeling in front of her is a man with a shiny clean shaven head.  His jeans are around his ankles and he jerks himself off as he sloppily eats her pussy.  Wet sucking noises reverberate in the room and not just from the guy on his knees. 

Standing to the side of the chair with his pants off as well is a dreadlocked man with a huge cock dangling.  Nicole’s head is tilted to the side.  She licks the black stick each time it thrust slowly past her full lips and into her hot mouth.  She grabs the dick at the base and holds it still.  The swollen head of his prick is lighter than the rest of the shaft and he holds his breathe when her tongue circles it before sucking it back into her mouth.  The bald man shakes his head from side to side slurping loudly and Nicole grabs the top of his head.

Popping the treat from her mouth she closes her eyes and takes deep breathes.  “Oh yes, your making me cum.”  The throbbing dick rests against her cheek as she strokes the shaft and cries out her orgasm.  More slurping as the man is no doubt given a juicy reward for his efforts.  Her latest moan is muffled as the dick makes its way back into her mouth and she continues sucking it.

John stares in wide eyed disbelief.  He did not know that his wife was cheating on him and he never would have guessed she was willing and able to handle more than one man.  He felt confused, mainly because he was not overcome with blinding rage.  Instead, his own dick betrayed him by getting harder by the second and straining to get out of his pants.  His wife is obviously a slut with secrets, but there is no denying how hot she is or how horny this situation is making him.  He jumps as a hand comes to rest on his bulging crotch.  He had forgotten the island woman was even there and now she is molesting him.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be too upset by this.  I always wondered if she ever told you.  They do this at least twice a week.  I like to watch and it seems you do too.  We might as well get comfortable.  You’re not going to be able to hold this back much longer.”  She reaches around and takes her time with his pants.  She unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his pants, quietly lets the zipper down, and pulls out his straining erection.

“Hmmm, now I see what she’s always going on about.”  Cyndey whispers into John’s ear as she strokes him slowly.

Nicole and the men are repositioning themselves in the room.  She hops up onto the desk and lies back spreading her legs wide.  Her ass is half way off the edge of the desk.  The bald guy wipes his mouth as he lines his hard on up with the opening of her wet pussy.  She spreads her cunt lips apart putting her eager hole on full display.  He slaps her nub a few times hard with his heavy cock before shoving it deep inside.  They both gasp and hold still for a few beats when she has taken it all.  He pulls out to the head and thrusts back in forcefully.

“Fuck me.”  She groans.  He grabs her thighs and pumps into her fast.  Pre cum leaks from John’s tip and Cyd taps at it with an index finger, stretching the thin slime out a little bit.

The guy with the dreadlocks walks back into view.  He is stroking his dick and taps bald guy on the shoulder.  Bald guy pulls out and backs away while Nicole comes down off the desk and bends over it putting her large brown ass in the air.  Dreadlocks shudder as he rubs his cock head up and down the crack of her booty.  Suddenly, with one thrust he is inside the pussy and fucking.  He holds onto her ass cheeks and puts long strokes into her.  Her eyes are closed and she screams out in pleasure oblivious to the other guy climbing up on the desk and laying down in front of her.  When she finally sees him, she quickly fills her mouth with his meat.

Island woman has a hand up John’s shirt pinching and tugging his nipples as she frantically strokes his tool.  Nicole’s head bobs up and down on the spit soaked cock as the other dick pounds into her.  Loud moaning from all three fills the empty space as the temperature seemingly raises in conjunction with the intensity of the sex.  She licks the sides and bottom of the dick and then sucks the head while pumping her fist up and down the shaft.

“Shit, I’m cumming.”  The dick fucking her doggy style is pulled out and pressed between Nicole’s ass cheeks.  He pumps upwards sliding the bottom of his shaft against her wiggling flesh until thick cum shoots out and onto her back.  Using his still oozing dick, he spreads cum around her ass.

John fights to keep quiet as his goop is released and sprays the wall.  His knees almost give out from under him as Cyd does not relent in her task and keeps jacking his dick.  Nicole slaps the wet cock on her tongue keeping her mouth wide open.  The guy lying on the desk begins to shake and buck his hips trying to thrust up and back into her mouth.

“Give me that fucking load, baby.”  She encourages.

“Oh fuck yeah!  You want it?  Oh shit, FUCK!”  He screams as she jerks his dick off.  Ivory cream erupts onto her tongue and she hungrily licks it up moaning in appreciation.  The slimy prick is stroked and rubbed over her lips.  She revels in the warmth of the man juice that soaks her ass and face.

John is led back to the main office and sat in a conference room.  No more than five minutes later his wife walks in to find him talking and laughing with Cydney.

“Well, it’s about time damn time.  I’ve been wondering where you were.  I was hoping we could have lunch and maybe a quickie.”  He smiles at her surprised look.

“I didn’t know you were coming.”  She says with a pouty face.  “I ate while we were getting some supplies from the warehouse.  I can’t hook you up with a quickie right now, but if you want to give me an hour or so I’ll be on my fifteen.” 

John’s dick begins to swell in silent agreement.  “Sure, yeah I can come back.”

Cydney looks them both other and then clears her throat getting their attention.  “Can I watch?”

The End

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Gym Time - Anonymous Blue Moon

Gym Time

Blue Moon

Running flat out on the treadmill as I listen to my iPod, I check the time on the machine. 18 minutes down and two to go, this I can do.

Almost missing a step as a towel falls onto the belt, I jump over it and it flies by and gets shot off. Whipping out my earphones, the man next to me puts his hand on my arm. "Sorry about that I was just wiping my face and tried to hang the damn towel off your treadmill. I hope I didn’t scare you ? At least you didn’t trip."

Smiling at him, then looking into the mirror in front of us, I lock onto Sarah’s laughing face from the strider behind me. "No it’s fine, really no worries." Putting my earphones back in, he touches my arm again.

"Hey do you come here often? I haven’t seen you around before and I know I would notice a pretty little thing like you!"
Sticking on the best and most insincere smile I can, I wink at Sarah in the mirror as she finishes up on her machine. "I have been coming here for a few weeks and I am afraid to say that I am now finished on the treadmill. Enjoy and do you want me to pick up your towel for you?" Hitting stop on the treadmill, I jump off as he smiles in the mirror at me.
"Hey that would be great, gorgeous."
Groaning to myself over this silly man-pig, I bend over to pick up his towel from where it landed. Straightening up, I smile wide as I look into Sarah’s eyes. Now this is a gorgeous sight.
Winking, I turn to hand man-pig back his towel. "Here you go, time for the showers, see you next time."
His hand holds mine as I turn to follow Sarah towards the ladies shower room. Looking at him, I frown. "Listen gorgeous I am nearly done here. How about we meet up in the steam room and make it really steamy?" I pull my hand away as I notice the bulge in his running shorts, stepping back to see the fire in his eyes.
"Listen I’m so not your type and anyway -" I point to his left hand where I can see the mark left from his wedding ring. "I don’t think your WIFE would like it, do you? But thanks for the idea. I will be in the steam room with my partner for some steamy fun!" Laughing to myself, I jog away after Sarah. Really, some men. Is it any wonder I’m gay? Pushing open the ladies shower room door, I take the clip out of my hair as I walk. "Sarah, what do you say to a steamy session in the steam room?"
Looking around to make sure we are alone, I wrap my arms around Sarah and kiss her.
"So did mister male get your blood pumping, is that why we are now heading to the steam room?" Laughing as I suck Sarah’s earlobe, my hands run over her back, teasing her bra strap.
"Trust me, man-pig did nothing for me. You do know we are alone right now but at any minute someone could walk in!" Not waiting for Sarah to answer, I take off my sweaty top and wriggle out of my leggings and panties, watching as Sarah does the same in hurried movements. Taking off my bra and pulling us into one of the shower cubicles, I kiss a path to Sarah’s breast as she pushes me against the shower wall.
"This time, Joe, I get to play!" Watching the evil smile spread across her face as Sarah locks us in, the door open at the bottom and top, letting anyone see our feet and heads. I groan when Sarah leans into me and turns on the water, her hands running all over me as she washes me slowly. Sarah’s hands take their time washing my breasts, bringing my nipples to hard peaks, the smell of the shower gel and the sight of the suds running off my swollen breast sending shivers down to my core.
"Tell me what you want, Joe, or I might have to stop."
I whisper. "You, Sarah. I want you anyway I can get you!" Grabbing Sarah’s face, I kiss her hard my tongue tasting her, pulling back to look into her eyes. "We shouldn’t be doing this here, let’s go home." I gasp when Sarah lifts my legs so that they are on the door, causing my back to be pressed hard to the shower wall.
"Shhhh, Joe, let me worry about this." Closing my eyes, Sarah bends her head down to my breast, her fingers invading my hot core. I bite down on my lip to stop the scream.
I want to yell as I ride her fingers. I let my head fall back against the shower wall at the sound of Sarah’s husky voice.
"You taste all dirty, Joe. I will have to wash you with my tongue."
My breathing gets heavy as I hear the door to the shower room open and two older women walk in, with Sarah’s head down and my feet up it just looks like me. Looking down at Sarah, my eyes let her know we are not alone, seeing the look of pure fun on her face as she starts to pump her fingers in and out of me while her thumb rubs my clit.
Gasping, I try to stay quiet while my body is coming apart at the seams, fisting my hand into Sarah’s hair as she sucks my nipple, not wanting this to stop. As the last of my aftershocks leaves me, I pull Sarah’s face up to me and lower my feet so I can really kiss her, closing my eyes as I hear the shocked gasps from the women in the shower room.
"Looks like we’re both dirty, Sarah!"
I laugh as we leave the shower cubicle to the sound of the women running to get management. "Joe, I think we will need a new gym again, but this time it’s all your fault!" Wrapping the towel around Sarah, I laugh.
"My fault, how? You were the one to start this, I think! Anyway I always love our gym time." I laugh when Sarah shakes her head, towelling off her body.
"Joe you only love SHOWER time!"
Nodding, I kiss her shoulder. "You could be right."