Saturday, April 27, 2013

Black Lace by @MyLittleVixen


by Vixen @MyLittleVixen

Vixen has a blog My Little Vixen. It's a lingerie blog and she has a special section, The Vixen's Boudoir, where she posts her erotic short stories. Be sure to check her out!

‘Oh god’… A tinkling sensation ran down her spine. She was exposed, bounded, and blinded. It was thrilling. The temperature continued to rise throughout her body as she was awaiting his next move. It was only moments ago he blinded her with the silk black lace embroidered eye mask. Her hands cuffed behind her small back. All her senses were heightened. Her face was flushed from her soft panting from his teasing taunts against her flesh. She was helpless. The buildup was exhilarating. The suspense in the air thickened. ‘More’… the one word that kept echoing in her mind that was driving her crazy. He was going to make her beg for it. He wanted to challenge her in every way until she would finally crack under his seductive assault and give herself to him completely... 

Read on at in the Vixen’s Boudoir

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