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A Surprise Lunch - @KingAlexander82

A Surprise Lunch

John speeds through the empty road on his deep apple red Yamaha motorcycle, slowing down only to make a few turns before he is at his wife’s job.  For the first time in a long time, he has the day off and decided to surprise his wife with an unplanned lunch date.  Bringing the bike to a stop he drops the kick stand and turns off the ignition.  A small group of women in business attire congregate in front of the office building staring to see what the guy on the motorcycle looks like. 
He takes off his helmet as he slowly walks toward them revealing a handsome face with a freshly cut goatee.  The women giggle and smile as he makes his way to the door.

“Is there something we can help you with?”  A woman with a slight island accent asks him.

“Do any of you know where Nicole is?  I’m her husband and I was going to see if she wants lunch.”

“Ah, so you’re the one we’ve heard so much about.”  The island woman’s eyes squint as she throws her cigarette to the ground and stomps it out.  “She and a couple of the guys are getting some boxes from the warehouse.  Come with me.  I’m Cydney but you can just call me ‘Cyd,’ everyone does.”

He offers his hand and she shakes it.  “I’m John, it’s nice to meet you.”


John follows her down the sidewalk and around the corner to another building in the back.  Her wide hips sway underneath her navy blue skirt and the way her ass sits up makes him wonder if she is actually built perfectly or if it is true about high heels helping to showcase the glutes.  She opens a set of double doors and escorts him inside.  It is dark, dusty, and damn near empty in the wide space.  They continue walking until they reach some office doors with boxes stacked outside of them.

She carefully opens the door a crack and peers in then looks back at John with a small grin on her face.  “As usual they got distracted from their job.  She’s taking one of her special breaks.”  She moves aside so he can see for himself.  The room is empty except for an old wooden desk and a leather chair.  Nicole is in the chair naked from the waist down.  Her legs are draped over each of the arm rest.  Kneeling in front of her is a man with a shiny clean shaven head.  His jeans are around his ankles and he jerks himself off as he sloppily eats her pussy.  Wet sucking noises reverberate in the room and not just from the guy on his knees. 

Standing to the side of the chair with his pants off as well is a dreadlocked man with a huge cock dangling.  Nicole’s head is tilted to the side.  She licks the black stick each time it thrust slowly past her full lips and into her hot mouth.  She grabs the dick at the base and holds it still.  The swollen head of his prick is lighter than the rest of the shaft and he holds his breathe when her tongue circles it before sucking it back into her mouth.  The bald man shakes his head from side to side slurping loudly and Nicole grabs the top of his head.

Popping the treat from her mouth she closes her eyes and takes deep breathes.  “Oh yes, your making me cum.”  The throbbing dick rests against her cheek as she strokes the shaft and cries out her orgasm.  More slurping as the man is no doubt given a juicy reward for his efforts.  Her latest moan is muffled as the dick makes its way back into her mouth and she continues sucking it.

John stares in wide eyed disbelief.  He did not know that his wife was cheating on him and he never would have guessed she was willing and able to handle more than one man.  He felt confused, mainly because he was not overcome with blinding rage.  Instead, his own dick betrayed him by getting harder by the second and straining to get out of his pants.  His wife is obviously a slut with secrets, but there is no denying how hot she is or how horny this situation is making him.  He jumps as a hand comes to rest on his bulging crotch.  He had forgotten the island woman was even there and now she is molesting him.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be too upset by this.  I always wondered if she ever told you.  They do this at least twice a week.  I like to watch and it seems you do too.  We might as well get comfortable.  You’re not going to be able to hold this back much longer.”  She reaches around and takes her time with his pants.  She unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his pants, quietly lets the zipper down, and pulls out his straining erection.

“Hmmm, now I see what she’s always going on about.”  Cyndey whispers into John’s ear as she strokes him slowly.

Nicole and the men are repositioning themselves in the room.  She hops up onto the desk and lies back spreading her legs wide.  Her ass is half way off the edge of the desk.  The bald guy wipes his mouth as he lines his hard on up with the opening of her wet pussy.  She spreads her cunt lips apart putting her eager hole on full display.  He slaps her nub a few times hard with his heavy cock before shoving it deep inside.  They both gasp and hold still for a few beats when she has taken it all.  He pulls out to the head and thrusts back in forcefully.

“Fuck me.”  She groans.  He grabs her thighs and pumps into her fast.  Pre cum leaks from John’s tip and Cyd taps at it with an index finger, stretching the thin slime out a little bit.

The guy with the dreadlocks walks back into view.  He is stroking his dick and taps bald guy on the shoulder.  Bald guy pulls out and backs away while Nicole comes down off the desk and bends over it putting her large brown ass in the air.  Dreadlocks shudder as he rubs his cock head up and down the crack of her booty.  Suddenly, with one thrust he is inside the pussy and fucking.  He holds onto her ass cheeks and puts long strokes into her.  Her eyes are closed and she screams out in pleasure oblivious to the other guy climbing up on the desk and laying down in front of her.  When she finally sees him, she quickly fills her mouth with his meat.

Island woman has a hand up John’s shirt pinching and tugging his nipples as she frantically strokes his tool.  Nicole’s head bobs up and down on the spit soaked cock as the other dick pounds into her.  Loud moaning from all three fills the empty space as the temperature seemingly raises in conjunction with the intensity of the sex.  She licks the sides and bottom of the dick and then sucks the head while pumping her fist up and down the shaft.

“Shit, I’m cumming.”  The dick fucking her doggy style is pulled out and pressed between Nicole’s ass cheeks.  He pumps upwards sliding the bottom of his shaft against her wiggling flesh until thick cum shoots out and onto her back.  Using his still oozing dick, he spreads cum around her ass.

John fights to keep quiet as his goop is released and sprays the wall.  His knees almost give out from under him as Cyd does not relent in her task and keeps jacking his dick.  Nicole slaps the wet cock on her tongue keeping her mouth wide open.  The guy lying on the desk begins to shake and buck his hips trying to thrust up and back into her mouth.

“Give me that fucking load, baby.”  She encourages.

“Oh fuck yeah!  You want it?  Oh shit, FUCK!”  He screams as she jerks his dick off.  Ivory cream erupts onto her tongue and she hungrily licks it up moaning in appreciation.  The slimy prick is stroked and rubbed over her lips.  She revels in the warmth of the man juice that soaks her ass and face.

John is led back to the main office and sat in a conference room.  No more than five minutes later his wife walks in to find him talking and laughing with Cydney.

“Well, it’s about time damn time.  I’ve been wondering where you were.  I was hoping we could have lunch and maybe a quickie.”  He smiles at her surprised look.

“I didn’t know you were coming.”  She says with a pouty face.  “I ate while we were getting some supplies from the warehouse.  I can’t hook you up with a quickie right now, but if you want to give me an hour or so I’ll be on my fifteen.” 

John’s dick begins to swell in silent agreement.  “Sure, yeah I can come back.”

Cydney looks them both other and then clears her throat getting their attention.  “Can I watch?”

The End

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