Saturday, April 27, 2013

What Dreams Are Made Of - @MrsDrMcSparkly

What Dreams Are Made Of

Her red lips had never looked better than when they were around my cock. They glided back and forth, up and down, every once in a while freeing me and curving into a smirk instead. “You like this?” she asked in a low voice, her eyes sparkling with mischief when I brought myself to look at them. She shifted slightly, and my eyes were drawn lower as her fingers began a slow path down the curves of her body, eventually disappearing inside her. The whimpered moan she made was almost enough to make me beg for her attention again, but I would not beg. I’d slipped once, but it wouldn’t happen again. Her hips rocked against her hand, and even while I watched I imagined the way her hips would soon be moving for me…back against mine to bring me deeper inside her, forward when the force of my thrusts was too much for her to withstand…but there was time enough for that. Her worship of me was only beginning.

“Then you’ll love this.” Her breathy whisper brought me out of my thoughts, made me focus on her before me. She pulled her fingers, now coated in her essence, from her core, and brought them to my cock, trailing them over the shaft. I couldn’t suppress a groan at the sensation, not nearly close enough to what I wanted. But she was nothing if not a giver. She leaned down and followed the path of her fingers with her tongue, cleaning what she had left on me, moaning as though there was nothing more she wanted right now. I tracked her movement from under hooded lids, but when she started to pull back, I fisted her hair, keeping her from moving. “You aren’t going anywhere, little one.” My voice was rough, the command not nearly as weighty as I wanted, but she was well-trained. She knew better than to leave me unsatisfied. “I want your mouth surrounding me again, and I want it NOW.”

For a moment her lips formed a sexy pout, a perfect expression of someone obedient to her place, but then she was eager to obey me. The warmth of her mouth enveloped my cock and her tongue danced across my skin, dipped into my slit and teased my tip just the way she knew I liked it, making me groan in need but not even close to giving me any relief. And fuck, teasing wasn’t enough. I tightened my hand in her hair and thrust into her mouth, pushing my tip into the back of her throat. She didn’t flinch, just flicked her tongue like she welcomed the invasion, and she moved with me as I fucked her mouth.

“More,” I barked out, dying for release but still determined not to beg. Her nails grazed over my inner thigh before her fingers reaches my balls. She tugged them just as her tongue did something sinful. My head fell back as I felt my cock twitch, and my release filled her mouth. My groans mixed with her moans as she devoured every drop from me, cleaning everything with that wicked tongue of hers once I stilled. Only then did I urge her up with my hand still twisted in her hair. Her blue eyes found mine, beautiful in their expressivity, proud but still eager for my approval. Drawing out her suspense, I traced a finger over the blush on her cheeks, resisting the urge to laugh. My little one…as if anyone else could give me half the pleasure that she did, whether she was on her knees or under me. “You’re the best,” I told her, meaning every word. “What you do is incredible.”

She rewarded me with a bashful smile that quickly became a challenging smirk. “Then I believe, according to our bet, you owe me at least two orgasms…”

I ran my hands down her body, squeezing her ass before letting one hand burrow between her legs, seeking out her wet heat. Her core was drenched, on fire, and little did she know just how much I wanted her honey down my throat. I teased her with a finger, drawing a whimper from her. Dipping my head, I spoke by her ear. “I’ll take care of your ache, little one. Don’t you worry.”

* * *

I shifted in my sleep, the back of my thigh brushing up against something hard. Opening my eyes, I twisted around to see what it was, but I only saw Justin beside me, still asleep, the planes of his chest rising and falling with his breaths, though faster than I would have expected. I settled back against him, too content to move any more and risk waking him up. A few weeks ago, I never would have believed that I would actually spend the night with him, but now here I was, making myself at home in his bed. Ever since that night on the mountain overlook, we had been like a real couple. We weren’t just finding comfort in sex, but finding comfort in each other. Until we got to the bedroom…or any place where other people couldn’t watch what went on between us…and then all bets were off.

A deep groan broke the silence, and I felt his hips moving against me. A secret smile spread over my face as I realized the reason for his uneven breaths. This wouldn’t be the first time he had dreamed of me, nor the first time he had woken up and taken what he needed from me before the words “good morning” ever left his lips. I wondered what exactly he saw in his mind this time, if he intended to have it play out when he woke up, or if he would save it for later, make me guess as he had before, reward me for cleverness with his kiss, his touch…his tongue working me until I forgot everything but his name. I might even purposefully guess wrong for a while just to heighten the anticipation—

Suddenly I couldn’t breathe as a weight pinned me facedown to the bed. I felt my breath catch as something rock-hard pressed into my ass. Twisting my head, I caught Justin’s eyes for a moment, a shiver running down my spine at the hunger I saw burning in his gaze. But still, I couldn’t resist the urge to tease him. “Morning,” I began, turning around as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. “Did you sleep—“ The words cut off with a moan as I felt his weight leave me, my hips being lifted, and the unmistakable warmth of his tongue lapping at my core. God, I would never get tired of him, the predator who never failed to give so much pleasure to his prey. No matter how much he hunted, I would let myself be caught by him.

His tongue burrowed inside me as though it could discover hidden secrets, secrets that I could only express as whimpered moans. Only when I was aching did he move to my most sensitive spot, flicking it with his tongue. I could feel spears of pleasure beginning low in my body, but he pulled back abruptly, leaving only frustration in the absence of his warmth. “Only when I am inside you,” he ordered, but his words were tight, clipped, giving away just how much he really needed me.

“Yes…” I promised, and thankfully he didn’t make me wait long. His cock filled me as fully as it always did, as though he were the only one meant to be inside me.

“Jessie…” My name was almost a prayer on his lips, a barely-camouflaged groan, and I pushed back against him, once again twisting my head to meet his eyes. “Take me,” I begged, sliding him out and back into me, never breaking our gaze. “Own me…”

He gripped my hips, jerking me so hard that my ass slammed into his pelvis, nearly giving me whiplash. He took me at my word, and I revelled in his roughness, knowing that one orgasm from him would wake me up better than any cup of coffee ever could.

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