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Breakfast Can Wait - @DeadlyPayne

Breakfast Can Wait 

Mitch leaned his elbows on the counter, propping his head in his hand while he watched Aaden. Oblivious to the eyes watching him, Aaden continued shaking his boxer clad ass to the music while he whipped up breakfast. Mitch's lips curved into a smile as he glanced at the time, plenty of time before they had to get ready for their first public appearance. It was Aaden's brother's birthday and Mitch's buddy Rafe was supposedly going to pull his head of his ass and show up. If things went as planned, they'd have a lot of celebrating going on. Mitch's wasn't too worried about the reaction they'd get, the family all knew about them and well, if Z's friends had a problem, they could kick rocks.

Aaden glanced over his shoulder grinning, “You just gonna watch or what? His tone teasing, as they both knew Mitch wasn't that big a help in the kitchen.

Mitch laughed and pushed from the counter, rounding the small island in a few large steps before he wrapped his arms around Aaden's waist. Mitch ground his burgeoning erection, that his thin flannel bottoms could barely conceal, against Aaden's ass. “Tell me what you want me to do, lover.”

Aaden fought to remain on task, but Mitch had lowered his head and began to bite lightly on Aaden's neck, rendering him near helpless to resist. Aaden flipped off the burner before reaching back and cupping the back of Mitch's head, holding him close. He swiveled his hips, groaning at the sensation of Mitch pressing against him. “Keep it up and your breakfast will get cold.”

Aaden knew it was a lost cause, no matter how he might try, he could never get enough of Mitch and he also knew the feeling was mutual. Mitch slid a hand down Aaden's slightly rounded midsection and slipped past the waistband of Aaden's boxers. Mitch nipped Aaden's neck and sucked the slightly salty skin into his mouth as his fingers wrapped Aaden's length. Aaden's fingers tightened around Mitch's neck as he arched his body against Mitch with a low moan. “Bedroom, I don't keep the condoms in the kitchen sadly, maybe I should start.”

Mitch chuckled against Aaden's neck, turning them away from the stove and walking towards the bedroom. His fingers continued working their slow and torturous assault on Aaden's length as they walked, “We should have them in every room, just in case.”

They crossed the threshold into the bedroom, Aaden spinning in Mitch's arms and hooking his fingers in Mitch's bottoms as they walked towards the bed. Mitch used one hand to push down Aaden's boxers while using his other to guide them down to the mattress, lowering his head and claiming Aaden's lips in a bruising kiss. Aaden arched off the bed, grinding his hips against Mitch's one, one foot hooking Mitch's legs as he tugged Mitch's pajama bottoms down, needing to feel skin against skin. Mitch shimmied out of his pants, reluctant to part more than they had to, his hands trailing down Aaden's side to grope his ass. Aaden bit and sucked on Mitch's lower lip with a low moan as their hardened lengths slid along each others. “We need to hurry, Mitch, we have to leave soon.”

Mitch grinned and reached over at the table, “So impatient, A. You need to learn patience” He leaned back and opened the bottle of lube, squeezing it over his fingers.

Aaden watched through heavy lidded eyes, “You have plenty of time to teach me all about it.” His hand reached out to wrap his fingers around Mitch's length, his thumb tracing the throbbing vein. “But for now? He tugged Mitch's length pulling him towards him.

Mitch shook his head with a laugh, “Insatiable” He spread Aaden's legs wide, exposing his puckered hole. With a wicked grin, Mitch's slicked up fingers began tracing the sensitive spot, watching intently as Aaden began to writhe beneath him. Aaden's other hand reached blindly, searching the end table for the little foil packets. Mitch pressed a finger inside the tight ring and Aaden let out a dull moan as he brought the packet to his mouth and tore it open. Mitch bent and pumped his finger, tracing the walls before he pressed a second finger inside, scissoring them as he prepared Aaden for him, his eyes never leaving the deep brown eyes of his lover laying before him. Aaden fished out the condom and nearly dropped it when the second finger pressed inside, his teeth gnawing on his bottom lip. Aaden's other hand pumped Mitch's cock slow and steady before he pushed up a bit so he could see better. He positioned the condom and unrolled it down Mitch's thick length.

Mitch pulled his fingers free, slathering the excess lube on his length before he lined up, teasing Aaden with the head. Each rub, each barely penetrating movement had Aaden lifting his ass off the bed, his eyes locked on Mitch's, “Rotten tease.”

Mitch threw his head back with a loud laugh, then gripped Aaden's hip, rolling him onto the bed. Aaden braced his hands on the bed and looked over his shoulder, watching intently as Mitch gripped his hip in one hand, the other lining his length with Aaden's entrance. Aaden pressed back, pausing for a moment to adjust to to Mitch's size before he continued. Mitch let out a dull moan and his eyes rolled at the sensations, his fingers dug into Aaden's harshly as he began pulling him along his length. “Goddamn, Aaden”

Aaden rolled his hips, his own cock throbbing each time it connected with the soft blankets beneath him. Any semblance of coherency left him completely the moment Mitch began to fill him, all Aaden could focus on was the tight friction between them. They were both soon gasping for breath between moans as Mitch's pace increased, pulling out almost completely and slamming forward, filling the air with the slap of flesh and the squeak of the bed-frame. Mitch leaned over Aaden's back, brushing his lips over his spine, up to Aaden's ear. He flicked his tongue over the lobe, his hand curling Aaden's waist and encircling his rock hard length, stroking in time with his own hip movements. Aaden bucked against Mitch, grinding his ass harshly and squeezing his ass around Mitch. Aaden was close, he felt his spine tingling and Mitch must have sensed it because he took his hand from Aaden's length and palmed his hip, pulling him harder and faster with an almost frantic urgency.

Mitch's head dropped back as his body tensed, back bowing as a loud cry escaped his lips. He pumped until the throbbing in his cock stopped and he pulled out of Aaden's ass and flipped him over in one swift movement. Aaden hardly had time to think before Mitch positioned himself between Aaden's thighs and lowered his head, closing those full lips around Aaden's sensitive tip. Mitch let out a vibrating hum as he worked Aaden's full length into his mouth, his lips massaging as he sucked hard and fast. Aaden arched off the bed and dug his fingers into Mitch's hair, uttering a string of obscenities. Mitch increased his suction, making noisy slurps as he worked the length and soon had Aaden writhing beneath him before he let out a loud shout and gave in to his own release. Mitch swallowed every drop before slowly popping Aaden's cock free from his mouth and moving up his body, taking Aaden's lips in a tender kiss and jumping off the bed. He picked up the condom that had fallen off and tied it up before tossing it in the can, “C'mon now A. Breakfast is getting cold and we need to get going!” He laughed as he turned to the bathroom to brush his teeth, leaving Aaden in stunned silence.


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