Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gym Time - Anonymous Blue Moon

Gym Time

Blue Moon

Running flat out on the treadmill as I listen to my iPod, I check the time on the machine. 18 minutes down and two to go, this I can do.

Almost missing a step as a towel falls onto the belt, I jump over it and it flies by and gets shot off. Whipping out my earphones, the man next to me puts his hand on my arm. "Sorry about that I was just wiping my face and tried to hang the damn towel off your treadmill. I hope I didn’t scare you ? At least you didn’t trip."

Smiling at him, then looking into the mirror in front of us, I lock onto Sarah’s laughing face from the strider behind me. "No it’s fine, really no worries." Putting my earphones back in, he touches my arm again.

"Hey do you come here often? I haven’t seen you around before and I know I would notice a pretty little thing like you!"
Sticking on the best and most insincere smile I can, I wink at Sarah in the mirror as she finishes up on her machine. "I have been coming here for a few weeks and I am afraid to say that I am now finished on the treadmill. Enjoy and do you want me to pick up your towel for you?" Hitting stop on the treadmill, I jump off as he smiles in the mirror at me.
"Hey that would be great, gorgeous."
Groaning to myself over this silly man-pig, I bend over to pick up his towel from where it landed. Straightening up, I smile wide as I look into Sarah’s eyes. Now this is a gorgeous sight.
Winking, I turn to hand man-pig back his towel. "Here you go, time for the showers, see you next time."
His hand holds mine as I turn to follow Sarah towards the ladies shower room. Looking at him, I frown. "Listen gorgeous I am nearly done here. How about we meet up in the steam room and make it really steamy?" I pull my hand away as I notice the bulge in his running shorts, stepping back to see the fire in his eyes.
"Listen I’m so not your type and anyway -" I point to his left hand where I can see the mark left from his wedding ring. "I don’t think your WIFE would like it, do you? But thanks for the idea. I will be in the steam room with my partner for some steamy fun!" Laughing to myself, I jog away after Sarah. Really, some men. Is it any wonder I’m gay? Pushing open the ladies shower room door, I take the clip out of my hair as I walk. "Sarah, what do you say to a steamy session in the steam room?"
Looking around to make sure we are alone, I wrap my arms around Sarah and kiss her.
"So did mister male get your blood pumping, is that why we are now heading to the steam room?" Laughing as I suck Sarah’s earlobe, my hands run over her back, teasing her bra strap.
"Trust me, man-pig did nothing for me. You do know we are alone right now but at any minute someone could walk in!" Not waiting for Sarah to answer, I take off my sweaty top and wriggle out of my leggings and panties, watching as Sarah does the same in hurried movements. Taking off my bra and pulling us into one of the shower cubicles, I kiss a path to Sarah’s breast as she pushes me against the shower wall.
"This time, Joe, I get to play!" Watching the evil smile spread across her face as Sarah locks us in, the door open at the bottom and top, letting anyone see our feet and heads. I groan when Sarah leans into me and turns on the water, her hands running all over me as she washes me slowly. Sarah’s hands take their time washing my breasts, bringing my nipples to hard peaks, the smell of the shower gel and the sight of the suds running off my swollen breast sending shivers down to my core.
"Tell me what you want, Joe, or I might have to stop."
I whisper. "You, Sarah. I want you anyway I can get you!" Grabbing Sarah’s face, I kiss her hard my tongue tasting her, pulling back to look into her eyes. "We shouldn’t be doing this here, let’s go home." I gasp when Sarah lifts my legs so that they are on the door, causing my back to be pressed hard to the shower wall.
"Shhhh, Joe, let me worry about this." Closing my eyes, Sarah bends her head down to my breast, her fingers invading my hot core. I bite down on my lip to stop the scream.
I want to yell as I ride her fingers. I let my head fall back against the shower wall at the sound of Sarah’s husky voice.
"You taste all dirty, Joe. I will have to wash you with my tongue."
My breathing gets heavy as I hear the door to the shower room open and two older women walk in, with Sarah’s head down and my feet up it just looks like me. Looking down at Sarah, my eyes let her know we are not alone, seeing the look of pure fun on her face as she starts to pump her fingers in and out of me while her thumb rubs my clit.
Gasping, I try to stay quiet while my body is coming apart at the seams, fisting my hand into Sarah’s hair as she sucks my nipple, not wanting this to stop. As the last of my aftershocks leaves me, I pull Sarah’s face up to me and lower my feet so I can really kiss her, closing my eyes as I hear the shocked gasps from the women in the shower room.
"Looks like we’re both dirty, Sarah!"
I laugh as we leave the shower cubicle to the sound of the women running to get management. "Joe, I think we will need a new gym again, but this time it’s all your fault!" Wrapping the towel around Sarah, I laugh.
"My fault, how? You were the one to start this, I think! Anyway I always love our gym time." I laugh when Sarah shakes her head, towelling off her body.
"Joe you only love SHOWER time!"
Nodding, I kiss her shoulder. "You could be right."


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