Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tag Teamed by @Lost_InSilence

Tag Teamed 

She flexed her fingers, turning her wrists in their restraints. She'd been there a while, her arms stretched above her head, cuffed to the bedposts.
And boy was anticipation eating her from the inside out.
Her entire body was tense, her lower parts aching for attention. The little toy he'd nestled inside of her causing her to rotate her hips againts the mattress, only driving her need.
Curling her toes, she bit her lip, pressing her face into the soft sheets, she silently wondered just how much more of this sweet torture she could handle.
Groaning, she clenched, a shuddered rolling down her spine.
The door creaked and a candle was lit. Followed by the soft sound of bare feet making their way across the carpet.
Her anticipation spiked.
No words were exchanged as her wrists were released. He flipped her onto her back and recuffed her.
His hands slid down her sides, fingers skimming the smooth, heated flesh.
A moan escaped and she arched into the touch. She was on fire, burning with a raging need.
His fingers roamed over her thighs, trailing across from front to back, moving close to her womanhood before scampering away.
Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her lip pulled before her teeth as she fought her body for control.
And then she stopped, stepping back from the bed before making his way toward the door. As he twisted the knob, someone new walked in.
A whole new level of excitement struck her and she nearly came at the thought.
Someone grabbed her ankle and dragged her down the bed. Hushed words were spoken and then the bed shifted.
She now lay with her legs angled off the bed, one man between her thighs, the other straddled across her chest, placing his large erection in her direct line of site.
Doing what she had been taught, she wrapped her fingers around that proud length and gave a gentle squeeze followed by a quick stroke.
Something grazed her soaked flesh and she whimpered. Fingers stroked her while she pleasured the cock before her.
There was a pull, followed by a sudden emptiness. She slipped her mouth around the man across her chest, taking him deep just as fingers found her depths.
Only to be replaced by the quick lick of a warm tongue, followed by the stink of cool leather.
A moan broke free and she squirmed.
Strong fingers dug into her thighs as he brought his mouth down once more, suckling her swollen flesh.
The man above her moved, pulling him from her mouth and hands. Whispers filled the room, followed by grunts of agreement.
The first man laid himself down beside her, then reached over and pulled her across him. Settling her burning core against his erection.
She felt someone move in behind her, the second man. And then there were hands involved.
The man under her reached between their bodies, positioned his length and plunged home. At the same time he started in with a gentle rocking motion, the man behind her slipped a finger into her tight entrance.
As she she focused on the mind shattering sensations she found the experience to be quite enjoyable
She could feel them both moving, stretching.
Grunts filled the room, alongside heavy breaths and greedy moans.
Then she felt the thick head of the second man press against her backside, stretching. She groaned and fell foward some, taking the first man deeper. Her hands gripped the sheets, her body shaking some.
She watched the man beneath her give a nod and then she was full to the brim. The man behind her paused, then started in with the same, gentle rocking motion of the first man.
As her body adjusted to the thick invasion, she found herself swimming in pleasure.
Soon, both men were rocking into her at an accelterated pace. More grunts filled the room, this time accompanied by the sound of flesh meeting flesh.
The orgasm tackled her from behind, taking her over the edge, once, twice and a third time as they continued to search for their own release.
A heavy palm smacked her ass, leaving a pleasant sting, drawing a whimper from her. He smacked her ass again, before digging his fingers into the flesh.
His other hand knotted her hair, pulling her back flush against his chest, forcing her to ride the man under her as he road her from behind.
Hot seed shot into her as both men found that sweet pleasure, bringing another orgasm for her.
As her men stilled beneath and behind her, she sort of fell forward, collapsing in the first man's chest.
The man behind her pulled out slowly before dropping onto the bed beside them. All three breathing heavily as they baked in the after glow.

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