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Cyber Sex Mysteries 2: Keep it on Vibrate (Excerpt)

by Nikki Haze @NikkiHazeFever

"Take off your clothes.  I've thought of nothing but getting you naked all week."
Arria threw her bag to the floor of Dylan’s outrageously messy bedroom and stripped off her clothes without a second thought. He’d been all she thought about since Saturday.  His eyes darkened mischievously as he stepped forward to trail one long finger along the lips of her swollen pussy.
Dylan tugged his shirt over his head, those sex-struck eyes leaving hers momentarily.  He was savagely gorgeous.  Golden skin, corded in muscle with a defined six-pack and that delicious little V muscle that disappeared beneath his pants.  He moved to pull them down, but Arria quickly knelt before him, naked, and curled her fingers around the elastic band.  Her eyes trained on the bulged beneath the fabric, she yanked them down to the ground, as she'd imagined doing earlier.  She gasped and covered her mouth with both hands as his cock sprung out and smacked her square in the face with its enormity.
He laughed smugly, as if he not only enjoyed her surprise but got a kick out of smacking her in the face.  She couldn’t help but stifle a laugh as well.  His enormity was practically cartoonish.
“Yeah, the rumors are true.  Think you can take it?”  His eyebrow raised in question, his voice pure challenge.  Oh he’s good.
His monster cock stuck straight out a foot or so from above his freshly shaved balls.  It wasn’t just long, it was thick with pulsing veins trailing down the length.  Arria placed her fist around his cock, but she needed both hands to get a solid grasp on the girth.
Arria swallowed down the fear of the thought of this beast inside of her.  Their eyes meet as she nodded hesitantly in answer.  Yes. For Dylan, she could take it.  She'd only had sex once before.  It happened quick and dirty in a empty, darkened common area during the freshman orientation party.  The guy's cock had barely even registered in her tight virgin cunt.  Arria wasn't even sure he'd been able to pop her cherry.  This was going to hurt, and she didn't care.  It was Dylan and he'd wanted her too, all this time.
"You have a funny way of showing a girl you want her, Dylan," she said lowering her lips to him and licking the tip, thinking of the way he’d looked at her when she exploded in the classroom.  Now their eyes were locked   Kara told Arria that guys like it when you watch them while you suck their dick.  Arria wasn't sure she could manage even half of him but did her best.  Using both hands, she hollowed her cheeks as she moved up and down until he met the soft flesh at the back of her throat.  Dylan threw his head back and moaned her name, leaning his hips into her grasp.
He made a loud frustrated noise moments later and grabbed both of her wrist in that same bruising way he'd done before.  “I have to be inside of you.”
Dylan retreated from her mouth and promptly pushed Arria down onto the laundry covered floor.  He slid down on top of her and ground that thick monster into her thigh.  Every inch of their bodies were touching as the most delicious shiver made its way up her spine. Dylan pinned her wrists above her head and claimed her mouth, sucking her tongue and biting at her swollen lips.
He reached between them, sliding one finger deep inside her tight pussy.
"Oh, this is going to be bad for you, Arria.  You're tighter than a virgin.”
With his reputation, she bet he’d had plenty of those.  Dylan managed a second finger and began thrusting them in and out of her with a come here motion that hit that sensitive spot deep inside her.  She began dripping for him, his fingers soaked in her juices as they slid in and out.
“I’m going to hurt you, are you sure you want this cock?"  He added a third finger and she gasped a the pain and please of his fingers stretching her.
"I'll die if I don't, Dylan.  Do it, fuck me.  Don’t hold back, I don't care if it hurts."
           She was so drunk on him; his scent, smooth skin, that promising smile and his elephant trunk of a cock she couldn’t wait to feel inside her. I’m going to hurt you. His words were so fucking hot.
Dylan kissed her.  This time with a rough, searching starvation that had her moaning down his throat.  He pulled away and dipped down to her ear, nipping at her earlobe and licking the shell of her ear as he spoke.  
“I'm going to slam into you fast, Arria.  Just bite down on my shoulder as hard as you need to.  I like pain, too.”
 Arria had never thought of herself as someone who enjoyed pain, but she realized in that moment that he was right.  She liked the rough way he handled her, his bruising grasp, and most of all the promise of being split in two by the enormity of him.
Dylan guided his cock towards her pussy, rimming her tight opening with the head.
Her clit swelled at the pressure of his knuckles as they swept over her soft flesh.  She was dripping wet and as ready for him as she would get. She turned her head to the side and kissed the inside of his other arm, which was rested next to her shoulder before answering,
“Yes, now.”  
He hovered over her in one questioning moment.  "Bite me," he ordered before he crammed her cunt full of his cock.   
Arria let out a strangled scream as she bit down on his shoulder.  A sharp pain pierced right up her middle as he split her open, but it quickly melted into an edgy pleasure that had her moaning and pressing into him.
He groaned loudly, "Fuck, Arria.  You're so tight I could cum already.”  He held himself right there, inside of her as they adjusted to each other.  She groaned, writhing beneath him in effort to get him moving.  It hurt so perfectly.  She wanted that heady pain and pleasure, she wanted more.  Arria thought she would never adjust to his size no matter how many times they fucked, and she liked this idea.
Dylan kissed her softly and began small pumps of his hips through her wetness, as her pussy began quivering around him.  She was so close already.  Oh my god, the fullness of him drove her wild.
"Dylan,” She whispered his name against his lips.  He trailed his tongue down the column of her neck and kissed his way to her breasts, biting down hard on one nipple.  The sensation sent her over the edge, his hips twisting and slapping against her thighs.  She shattered, screaming her orgasm through the silent room as the sharp pulses of her cunt squeezed him like a vice.
Arria was barely aware of the reverence in Dylan’s eyes as he watched her fall apart.  "That's it, cum for me."  He kissed her neck and began pumping harder into her until he was balls deep in her sopping wet pussy.  Arria’s tightness had loosened infinitesimally as he reached between them, coaxing her down from her orgasm with the tips of his fingers on her clit.
"You look like an angel when you cum.  I want to see it again, I want more."
"Again?"  She spoke soft through the haze of her pleasure.  He was so fucking sexy, broad-shouldered, his muscles rippling as he rammed her full of that cock.
Dylan nodded slowly, that dreamy smile playing at his lips as his thrusts picked up to a punishing pace.  He paused deep inside her and expertly flipped her over with his cock still inside of her.  He pressed Arria’s face down to the ground and then used the weight of his body to stretch her out along the floor. He flattened himself on top of her and began slamming into her from behind.  She felt her muscles start up again, pulsing with a rush in her core.  How is this even possible?  She hadn't even had an orgasm that first time, she'd only had them when she used that vibrator her sister gave her for her birthday.
Dylan ground his hips into her in sharp thrusting circles.  His purposeful movements inched her closer, her breath catching and picking up.
"Dylan,” she moaned.  “I’m going to cum again.”  How could it feel better and better each time she exploded for him?
His cock was gone from her cunt with a sucking noise.  She protested loudly, feeling empty without him.  He immediately flipped her over again, as if she weighed nothing.  He loved his mastery of her body, his dominance over her pleasure.  Dylan’s fingers found her clit fast as he lowered his mouth to her pussy.
“Sit up,” he ordered.  “I want to watch your face as your cunt juices fill my mouth.”  He gave her pussy one long lick, before sucking on her clit with little pulses.  His hand began massaging her asshole before he quickly slipped a pinky past her resistant opening.
She sucked in a sharp breath at the unexpected blast of pleasure from the new penetration.  Fuck, but he knew how to drive her wild. Dylan hummed his moans of enjoyment against her skin, little vibrations against her swollen clit.  He spread her legs wide, working another finger in her tight ass.  He slid his tongue deep inside her trembling cunt, lapping at her and thrusting sharply into her ass with his fingers. Arria came almost immediately, bucking wildly beneath him as the pleasure blaster through every part of her, shooting out her fingertips.  She became liquid beneath him, her wetness coating his face as he grinned, letting out a low laugh against her flesh.
He sat up and kneeled between her legs, stroking himself as he told her, "Your pussy tastes like rain.  I love the rain, Arria."  He loved her pussy.  Dylan spread her legs and rammed his cock back inside her cunt, still trembling from the intensity of her release the pulses sucked him in further.  He humped her at warp speed with an unapologetic ruthlessness that hinted at his intent to slake his pleasure from her tightness.  His long, fast strokes sent him to the hilt, his balls slapping against her ass, and then nearly back out again.  His breath picked up as he began to pulse and thicken further inside of her.
Dylan pulled out of her pussy fast and with a loud groan, began spurting his cum all over her in a crop-dusting motion.  Warm splashes hit her tits and stomach, sliding to the dirty clothes beneath them.  Arria loved the shocked expression on Dylan’s face as she shimmied her way down between his legs and caught one long stream of his warm musk in her mouth.  She gulped hungrily, his cum splashing over his face, dripping from her lips.  As his fist began to slow down, she pressed her lips to the tip of his cock and sucked hard. She milked every last of cum from him, swallowing it all down for him as he came down from his high.   
"You're so damn hot,” he said, watching Arria lick his cum from her lips. He dipped his finger in some of the cum that landed on her nipple and brought it up to her mouth.  She licked his finger clean as smiled back at him all the while.  


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