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Feb 2013 A VALENTINE's DAY RETREAT by @MyLittleVixen


by Vixen @MyLittleVixen

Vixen has a blog My Little Vixen. It's a lingerie blog and she has a special section, The Vixen's Boudoir, where she posts her erotic short stories. Be sure to check her out!

‘When is he going to get here?’
For the last two hours, Monica’s thoughts have been filled with nothing but the dirtiest, craziest, sexual fantasies of what she wanted to do her boyfriend once he arrived. She had transformed my inner most sanctum into the tantalizing lair for lovers to release their wildest inhibitions and explore the depths of their sexual desires. Small candlelight had been strategically placed throughout the small room with the dimming twilight gleaming in the distance outside the large windows draped with elegant curtains. A fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers bloomed out of a small vase in the middle of the coffee table with fallen petals scattered around creating a tranquil ambiance. The air was filled with passion so that they could bathe in each other’s lust. Her home was possessed by Cupid’s naughty but loving holiday. She wanted to bring him peace from his trying work schedule that constantly took him away from her embrace. She created a space to show that her love remained untainted and she was her home waiting for here. Any stress that he had should be lifted once he came. He was missed and all she wanted to do was welcome her amorous king to his kingdom.
Once she was done, she decided to take a shower in the hopes to cleanse her mind of the wild passionate thoughts that formed in her mind. She stood under the showerhead and let the water wash over her exquisite figure exploding on contact with her skin. The teasing idea of him walking through the door while she was alone and bare made her body quiver. He would arrive soon and when he did, she would be ready for him. She was prepared to make this night a cherished moment that would become timeless. She turned off the water and get out the shower. Once her skin dried and she put on a beautiful chemise with rich embroidery decorating her perky bosom. The satin was as supple as her cinnamon skin and played with the contours of her curvaceous shape. She looked in the mirror and began to make herself over. She ran her slim fingers through her untamed bouncy tresses and made my face glow under the candlelight. She was ready to make every fantasy he dreamed of come alive tonight. She heard a knock on the door and she could hear heart began to beat in a roaring rhythm. He was here. She took one last glance into the mirror before she swayed her hips over to the door to open it. There he stood; her magnificent sovereign and tender lover in the doorway. His regal chocolate elegance stood before her with a dapper collard shirt and dark washed jeans that mischievously outlined his sculpted physique. The corner of lush lips curved upwards in seductive smile. The smoldering look of lust was evident in his eyes. She couldn’t help but smirk victoriously. She had him right where she wanted him.
“Welcome home baby” she whispered. She walked up to him and place tender chaste kiss on his lips and smile before standing to let him enter. His grin widened slightly as he walked in quietly chuckling. Once inside he walked into the warmly lit refuge she had prepared for them. The tempting vixen slowly waltzed around and stood by his side. Without hesitation, she caught her and wrapped his string arms around her thin waist. He leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her lips. His taste was addicting. She could feel her own want rising within her small frame against his enticing touch.
“I’m happy I could make it” he said smiling. She could his finger traced tiny circles in the small of my back tickling my spine. His happiness was contagious. He felt relief from the moment her lips collided with his.
“I know you had a long day so I wanted to relax” she said.  It was her turn to smile. He stole another quick kiss from his lips and teasingly grazed his bottom lip with a playful bite. His statuesque form towered over eclipsing her by his shadow. His grip around her stayed firm. He leaned down towards her picturesque face as she slight leaned upwards so their lips could meet once meet once more.
“You did all this for me?” he whispered. She could see his eyes look down at plump breasts under thin lace and back up at her exotic almond shaped eyes. He bit his lip and the intensity in his gaze grew overwhelmingly..
“I felt you deserved a little treat after a long work week” she answered. “So I thought this could be a nice little escape for one night”
“Trust me” he said. “I’m liking everything” The tone was silky and smooth. The devilish temptress smirked taking his hand to lead him over to the sofa. He laid her body down against the soft pillows as his body hovered over her. They kissed and fell into a trance. Her hands explored the warmth surging through his strong arms and defined back. Their warm bodies rubbed together. She immediately started to undo the buttons to his shirt and stripped every article of clothing off him off so she could feel his need exploding underneath his exposed form. Before they knew it, their layers started to melt away and tossed over to the floor. Not before long, they were expose to each other. Limbs became intertwined and tangled. His hands to wandered up to her supple breasts. His fingers teased her sensitive erect nipples before sucking on them gently. He played with them simultaneously triggering both her pleasure to drive her mad.  Her thighs begin to quiver underneath him. A moan escaped her lips. She felt him getting hard against her dripping slit. She wanted him so badly. The lustful man began to work his way down her enticing silhouette leaving a sweet trail of kisses in his wake. He reached her soaked opening. Soon his tongue began to play with her clit make himself get lost between her legs. He reeled in her mind-blowing taste that made him delirious while fueled by the pleasurable sounds emitting from her lush lips. She arched her back against him losing grip of her sanity. Both their temperatures rose as he drank from her juicy mound gripping her gorged backside. He could feel her going crazy as her body starting to convulse. They were both ready for the next phase of their spectacular show of sexual indulgence.
He rolled over so that she was now on top. He gripped the sides of her shapely hips. She could feel him slowly entering her tight hole. That amazing feeling of fulfillment drove her mad as he began to move. He created a powerful rhythm with hard manhood pounding into her. She got wetter as he thrust into her. His breathing became heavy and he couldn’t hold it in any longer. In the heat of their passion, they switched positions. Her moans grew louder. His throbbing erection felt like paradise. They were in a heat. She loved every minute of it.  They began to rotate those hypnotic hips into his at a slowly seductive pace. His thrusts got harder and harder filling her up with orgasmic delight. Sighs of pleasure were now emanating from his lips. Her soft constricting walls felt like heaven. Their mesmerizing beat started to become more desperate and intense with their minds becoming disoriented in the provocative world they had built with their lust. His rapid tempo pounded into her pleasure spot over and over again. Her thoughts become incoherent. She leaned closer to him bracing her hands his sides against his sex-crazed assault against her velvety slit. His grip got tighter and his thrust got harder. Their pace became erratic. They were in euphoric bliss lost in their basking passionate ambiance.
“Oh god” were the only words she could form in between her pants. His hands were placed firmly on her bosom. Their soft perkiness only brought him closer to his peak. The zealous woman could feel his movement start to become uncontrollable. Their climax had been drawing closer but neither wanting their impassioned lovemaking to end. For a brief moment, she could envision how blissful their lives could be if they could make this one moment become everlasting. They had reached the pinnacle of their sexual nature and climaxed together with the sounds of pleasure echoing in harmony. They could see the stars hidden in the heavens from the soaring heights their pleasure had taken and experienced a thrilling enlightenment. She fell onto his sweat-glazed body in defeat as she heard his heart beating rapidly trying to catch his breath. After a few brief moments, both their heart began to start winding down from the climatic heights of passion they experienced.
“How do you feel?” he asked. She couldn’t help but smile.
“I feel wonderful and looking forward to the rest of this night” she replied with a playful kiss.
“Then let’s move this into the bedroom and get more comfortable” he said before lifting her petite body up with his off the cozy couch. He carried her delicately into the bedroom. A warm smiled found it’s way onto her lips. The night had only begun with no end in sight.
The End.

Until the next time,
xoxo The Vixen

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