Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jan 2013 DANCING by Helen Johnston

Written by Helen Johnston

Picking the music, I jump up onto the stage. The scene is set exactly as I wanted when I told the club what I had in mind a few days ago. There is a pole, but I won’t be using that tonight. The lights are low; the hum from the humans is drowned out by the sexy beat of the music I requested. My female is ready, and sat in a chair in the middle of the stage, and for now is blindfolded. But as soon the music starts I rip it off with a dramatic flair. She is dressed in only a black corset and thong panties, which are my favourite things to see on her amazing body. She followed my orders to the letter, good girl.

She stares at me and gives me a sexy wink as she realizes what I'm about to do.

Standing in only my leathers and a blood red silk shirt, which is hanging open to reveal my body, I get ready as the music plays. A hush comes over everyone in the club as they realize the show is about to start. Grinning at her, I turn around so she sees my ass. The leathers are cut out and have been made especially so that she can see my bare skin. I shake it before bending from the waist; I look at her from between my legs and wink back at her. She’s smiling and goes to reach out with a hand to touch me. Shaking my head, I wave my finger at her.
“No touching baby or I will have to tie your hands together.”
I tell her huskily, before standing back up, I jump around to face her and run my hand down from my neck over my nipples and down my abs. My nipple piercings glinting in the bright spot lights. Her eyes are lingering on every part of my body that I touch. My cock is hard, straining behind my leathers, and I'm itching to take them off. But I want to tease her some more first.
Gripping the sides of the shirt I slowly remove it and let it fall to the floor. My eyes have never left hers as I dance. Fuck the humans watching. Fuck everyone. This is for my sexy witch. My hips are circling slowly… Lore said to imagine I'm making love to her. Easy. I lean in towards her, my hands resting on the back of the chair, either side of her head as my hips lower. Sinking down until I'm almost, but not quite close enough to touch her. I begin to grind into her. My back arching, barley rubbing against her breasts, a hairs breath away. But the heat her body is releasing sears me.
I'm pumping and grinding, making love to thin air, but her flushed cheeks tells me that she’s enjoying it. Twisting away from her I stand up, running my hands down my body, cupping myself. I slowly undo the fly. So slowly I see her lean forward her mouth open, her tongue softly licking her lip. Stepping back I shake my head again.
“Behave baby.” I whisper. My voice full of dark promises and she knows I will keep every one of them tonight.
My fly is now undone, my cock springs free. It’s throbbing with need. Taking it in a firm grip I stroke it, from base to tip. Over and over as my hips sway to the music. My head is thrown back in ecstasy but my eyes remain on hers. She licks her lips, again, and a bead of sweat runs between her breasts. I want her naked. I want her on all fours with her lips wrapped around my cock taking me to heaven. 
Letting go of my cock I walk forward and push down my pants down and kicking them off. I’m now naked, butt naked. My cock is like a divining rod pointing directly towards her. My balls are hard up against my body. Com filling them and I'm ready to explode. But this isn’t for me, it’s for my witch. Is she as excited as I am? I hope so.
The music is playing loud and the beat is pounding in time to my heart beat. My hips circle and my hands go back to my cock. I take a couple of steps back and plant my feet and spread my legs. My hips take on a life of their own and I dance my heart out, grinding, circling and making love to her without touching her.
Leaning back as my hips fight to be closer to her, to take her. To have her screaming in erotic pleasure as we both come. But while the music plays I have to continue dancing. So biting my tongue, my teeth grinding against each other I tease, I titillate. My ass is tight as I turn again. Wiggling it, almost in her lap, lowering my body to the floor I lay on my back.
Staring only at her, my hips punch into the air. I've never seen her eyes so wide, she’s drinking me up, her teeth biting into her sexy lower lip. Her breasts rising and falling in time with my hands now back to stroking my cock. Shit, if I keep this up I'm going to come before I can take her body and bend it to my will. Flashing to her I pick her up and lay her gently on the floor on her back I take her hands and stretch them over her head, stretching her out like a meal for me to feast on. I'm crouching over her, but still not touching her.
“Remember Baby NO touching.” I whisper in her ear.

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