Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jan 2013 TOUCH by BlueMoon

Written by Blue Moon

Soaking in a bath, every muscle aching from the most glorious type of pain, the pain of a well used and abused body. Closing my eyes, bringing my knees up as I slide down into the warm rose scented water. My hair fanning out in the water around my face. Gasping as the water flows over my stomach and breasts, my sensitive nipples harden with the kiss of the water, the soft feather-like touch of the water. But it’s not the touch I want, it’s not the touch I need. A touch that is like the air that I breathe or the food that I eat. A touch that can bring me to my knees.
Moaning as I remember what happened today. Our games are what lead to me soaking here, sore but sated. Running my hands from my neck to my breasts, causing goose bumps to form as I slowly tease my hardened nipples. My touch hard and rough compared to that of my love! My soul! The one person that knows my darkest thoughts and fears. Tracing a path down my stomach to my bellybutton as I envision another’s hand. A hand that would tease me. Letting my legs fall open and enjoying the way the water laps around me almost like a blanket. Coating my body in warmth, a warmth that is heating my blood up. A warmth that is taking away my aches and pains, yet I don’t want it to. 

Slowly moving my hand down the last few inches to my core, just lightly touching myself as I groan in pleasure, images of another’s hand touching me, invading me, bringing me to my knees as I cry for more. Very gently rubbing my core as the water laps around me, careful not to hurt myself any further as I’m still tender from today’s play. Biting my lip as I remember the feel of being tied to the kitchen table. Watching as my love placed scented candles around me and then.... Shifting in the bath as I move my hand down and rub my entrance, the water sloshing over my face as I hold my breath. Yes, today while I was tied down and the kitchen was filled with the scent of lavender candles my soul mate made all my dreams come true.
The last thing I saw before I was blindfolded was the whip being place on the table beside me.

Holding my breast with my other hand, my breast still sore from being lightly whipped. Kneading it, enjoying the pain, my body sending shivers down my spine as I slowly insert one finger into myself. Gasping out loud my legs opening as wide as they can in the bath. Arching my back as I feel my body heating up, coughing as I swallow a mouthful of rose scented bath water.

Quickly sitting up sending water spilling out over the sides of the bath as I breathe in fresh air. Holding onto the sides of the bath as I stop coughing and then lie back with my head on the edge of the bath. Just letting my hands float in the water as I calm down and start to relax again. Closing my eyes again as I remember being brought to orgasm today, again and again, but as I was blindfolded I never knew what to expect. All I do know is that I saw the whip. The anticipation of waiting to be touched was just as hot as being touched.
Licking my lips as I again touch my core, softly stroking it with one hand as I insert two fingers.

Rocking my hips as I ride my own hand sending water everywhere. Breathing deep as I open my eyes to see Sarah standing beside the bath with a sinful twinkle in her eyes. Groaning as I push my fingers in deeper while watching Sarah slowly take off her tee-shirt, biting my bottom lip as she drops her tee-shirt to the now water soaked floor. “That is my job! And I thought you were sore from the cucumber!” Rasping out a laugh. “It was thoughts of today that made me....” Sighing as Sarah kicks off her shorts and climbs into the bath with me. “Well I will just have to punish you some more!”

Groaning in pure pleasure as Sarah adds her fingers to mine while kissing me, her other hand teasing my already hardened nipples. Yes this is what I want... this is what I need... HER TOUCH!

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