Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jan 2013 MISBEHAVING by Teagan Ross

Written by Teagan Ross

Her eyes slid closed as her mind travelled into the dark, hidden corners. As images began to form, her body heated, eyelids fluttering as moisture pooled between her legs. 
It had been so long. 
A soft sound escaped her as she allowed her hand to travel down the flat expanse of her stomach, toward her heated center.
She paused to suck in a breath as her fingers brushed the thin, elastic band of her panties.
She was on fire.
Moaning, she shifted her legs across the mattress, back bowing some in anticipation.
There were a number of things wrong with what she was doing, but that was just part of the excitement.
Knowing she could be caught at any minute.
Pushing her head against the pillows, she skimmed the top of her mound with eager fingers, drawing a soft hiss of pleasure from her lips.
Lower she went, grazing the insides of her thighs in slow, teasing motion, drawing it out.
She could feel her wetness soak the thin cotton of her panties. Could feel the gentle, pulsing throb of her swollen womanhood.
Dragging her hand up from the inside of her thigh, across her sensitive flesh, she bowed again.
Just as she dipped her fingers below her waist band, she froze, hearing the door creaked open.
“And just what do you think you're doing?”
His voice was deep, rough although it suited him.
Frozen in place, body begging and ready, all she could do was stare as he crossed the room, stopping at the edge of the bed.
Before she could say a word in defence, he gripped her ankles and pulled her close, settling her burning core flush against his, now straining, erection.
Her eyes went wide, mouth falling open as his actions tore a whimper from her throat. 
He said nothing as he rolled his hips, pushing his covered length against her in a slow, teasing rhythm.
She clutched the sheets, wrapping her legs around his waist in hopes to bring him to closer. “I don't think so,”
The word was a rough command as he fought his body.
He pressed his hands against her hips to hold her in place as he slowed his motions.
After letting her feel his solid length of him a moment, he moved away, watching as her eyes went wide. 
“For your disobedience, I should tie you to the bed and walk away,”
The word came out panicked as she fought the urge to sit up and pull him back down to her. But she didn't make a move, she knew better, that wasn't how this game was played.
He was in control.
“Please leave you?” He tugged at the bottom of his shirt before pulling it up and off, “I hardly believe that is what you want,”
“Don't leave,”
A wicked smile curved his lips as he walked around the bedroom a moment, returning to the bed with a pair of restraints.
“Hands above your head,"
He commanded, she complied.
Once she was restrained, he climbed onto the bed, his body above hers. He did take extra care to ensure that she did not get exactly what he was after. 
Not yet, at least.
Soft sounds escaped past parted lips, her heart thudding wildly behind her rib cage.
She was going to lose her damned mind.
Rough textured hands ran up her sides at a torturously slow pace, his body poised above hers, teasing but not touching.
Her arms pulled at the cuffs that stopped her from stroking his heated flesh.
A smack to the inside of her thigh caused her heavy lids to pop open, followed by an excited sound. She was seconds away from begging him not to stop, but the plea died on her lips as his skilled fingers quickly dove past the thin barrier and plunged into her depths.
He growled his satisfaction as she undulated on the bed, his fingers working quick and steady.
As her breathing became frantic, his motions slowed, drawing out the pleasure for them both. He wasn't ready for this to be over.
Behind his zipper, his erection throbbed, hard and ready.
But he would drag this out just a little longer.
Feeling her inner walls begin to contract around his fingers, he halted his actions completely.
Moving his body down hers, he worked her panties off and spread her legs wide, laying her bare for his eyes. 
Without warning, he dipped his head down and gently pulled her clit between his teeth. After a few soft suckles against the sensitive nub, he released and flicked his tongue, savoring her decadent taste.
She cried out, body bucking against the bed as pleasure rode her. If he kept at it, she wasn't going to make it much longer.
Taking note of her dishevelled state, he pulled himself away, reaching down between them to free himself.
Eyes locked on her glistening, swollen flesh, he stroked himself a few times before moving between her legs and slamming himself home.
Her eyes went wide, her body bowing as he buried himself to the hilt. Her hips swiveled to meet his thrusts as he worked up a mind numbing rhythm.
Hard and fast.
Arms pulled at their restraints, her heels dug into his lower back as each powerful thrust forced her higher up on the bed.
Sweat beaded on his forehead, arms straining as they clenched the sheets that were bunched by her head.
Grunts and feminine moans filled  the room as he worked her body hard. Followed by the sweet sounds of naked flesh meeting naked flesh.
With one final, spine bending thrust, he spilled himself in her depths, feeling her walls contract around him as her climax followed his own.
When his body calmed, he pulled himself from her smaller form and climbed off of the bed. As he righted his clothing, he turned to take one last glance, “Next time, I won't let you finish,”
She gave a small nod as he released her wrists, “Thank you,"
That wicked smiled returned as he headed for the door, “That was your only warning,"
And then he was gone, leaving her to bask in the afterglow.

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