Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 2013 LUNCH by BlueMoon


by BlueMoon (Anon.)

Running my hands along the rail of tops, all the colours to choose from and still I can’t find the one I want. I want a red top, but it has to be red red. Not just one of these pale reds or almost pink reds I want RED. 

Walking from section to section, you would think in a store this size I would be able to just pick up a red top. Grinning as finally see the red I want, walking over quickly and picking up the red one from the middle of the rail and holding it up to catch the daylight coming in through the shop window. As I turn the top my eyes light up as I see the skull and crossbones in a darker red sequence across the front.

“Sarah look what I found!” Dandling the top in front of me like a tasty treat, I walk up to her, my eyes alight. “Will I try it on?” Licking my lips as I run my finger just under the edge of the neck of my top. Leaning into Sarah as I whisper. “Will you help me try it on?”

Walking backwards towards to changing rooms wiggling my eyebrows. “Did you find something that you want to try on?” My eyes looking down at the jeans in Sarah’s hand as she rolls her eyes at me. 

“Don’t you ever get tired of shopping Joe?” 

Laughing as I spin around just in time to stop myself from walking into a mannequin. “Stop it Sarah you know I love to shop as long as you are with me.” Looking at the girl in charge of the changing rooms and smiling as I hold up my top. 

“We have one item each is it ok if we go in?” Sighing very dramatically as she tells us there is only one cubicle left. “Ok look we are in a hurry is it ok if we share?” 

Sighing as I walk past the girl into the changing rooms talking over my shoulder to Sarah. “I really hate it when there aren’t enough cubicles but at least this way we can get back to work and hopefully with some new clothes.” 

Pulling back the curtain and letting Sarah walk in first holding in my laugh as I fix the curtain so we won’t be seen. “This was too easy, now its time I had my lunch treat!” 

Biting my lip as I drop to my knees and pushing up her pencil skirt slowly, fixing it around her waist so it can’t fall back down. Looking up into Sarah’s eyes as my hand pushes her panties aside so I can see her moist core, whispering. “Mistress my I pleasure you now?” 

Not waiting for an answer as I run my tongue over her groaning softly as I hear Sarah’s breathing speed up while her hand pushes my head closer to her body. Licking and sucking her as I tease her with my fingers, setting a quick rhythm with my tongue long lick short lick removing my fingers to plunge my tongue in. 

All the while looking up at Sarah. Feeling her legs start to tremble I insert three of my fingers growling against her core as I hear her gasp loudly. Tasting her orgasm as I close my eyes while sucking hard to give her more pleasure. Gripping onto Sarah as the shop girl calls out 

“Are you ok in there?” 

Giving Sarah no reprieve as I continue to fill her with my fingers plunging them in and out faster and faster as I suck her core while I listen to her trying to answer the girl. “Y..yes... Sor..sorry I fell oveeeeeeeeer a bit changing....” Pushing my full hand into Sarah grinning as she squeaks out “I’ll be fine.... I... we... I... will be out in a minute.” Removing my hand as I bit her leg then fixing her panties back as I stand up. 

“So you going to try on your jeans?” Slowly licking my fingers groaning as Sarah lick’s her lips as her eyes lock onto my fingers, then leaning in and kissing her, whispering into Sarah’s ear, “Thank you for lunch.” 

Laughing hard as I hear the shop girl walk off muttering about weird noises. “I think we may have upset her.” Taking of my top as I try on the red one. “What do you think?” Turning to look at Sarah, my breath leaving me as I watch her pulling up the jeans her back to me, the jeans just hug her curves. Smiling at her in the mirror as I place my hands on her ass. “I think I’m hungry again?”

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