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Jan 2013 FIRST TIME by @LivinOnBeatz and @ScoutingTheBeat

First Time

Written by @LivinOnBeatz and @ScoutingTheBeat


-grunts and curls into you-

[pushes your thighs apart gently with the nudge of my legs brushing against yours. Slowly kissing my way down your body] unless you'd like me to let you sleep for a little longer? [stopping at your breasts and teasing your nipple]

-I move my thighs further apart, making room for your hips, a soft groan falling from my lips as your lips move down my body.- No... I'm already up. -My words are breathy as your lips tease my nipple, my hand sliding up to hold your head against me-

[dragging my teeth over your puckered flesh then flicking my tongue over your nipple as I rub my hardened length against your inner thigh]  we can go back to sleep after. [replacing my lips with my fingers as I kiss my way lower and pinch your nipple]

Oh. Fuck! -breathy moans escape my lips as you tease my sensitive peak, my gaze on your face- Baby... -As you begin to make your way lower, my hand moves up to join yours, thighs widening.- God I love you.

[my words muffled as I continue to kiss your soft flesh] I love you more [finding my way to your most sensitive spot, I bring my fingers to join my lips as I part your pink folds and lick my lips. Brushing a finger gently over your clit, my breath feathering over your core] Good Morning

-I lift my head, drinking in the sight of your head between my legs. As your fingers move down, mine fall to the bed, fingers curling into the sheets. My hips buck slightly as your finger brushes over my clit.-  Can you see baby?  -a small smirk plays at my lips as I look down at you- Can you see how wet you make my pussy?

[massaging my finger over your clit and I nip and kiss at your inner thigh, dipping my finger lower, playing in your juices then massaging my finger harder against your sensitive spot] oh, I can see just fine [slipping a finger between your tight wet lips as I lean it to tease your clit between my teeth]

Fuck. -My hands twist in the sheets as you tease my clit, my body arching into your touch. As your finger slips inside me, my eyes drift closed, my head falling back against the pillow.- Shonn! -Your name falls from my lips as I feel your lips, teeth and tongue working against me.- god yes.

But you are right [twisting my finger inside you] I should take a closer look [slowly pulling my finger back then joining in a second as I suck your clit into my mouth moaning at the taste of you]

-moans leaving my lips as you suck my clit into your mouth, my hands reach up and grip the back of your head, holding you to me as my thighs clench on either side of your ears.-  Baby...  -I can feel a coil starting to tighten as your fingers and mouth work me towards release, the muscles in my stomach tightening.-

[slowly bringing my fingers from your tight core and scooping my arms under your thighs to scoot you even closer to my mouth. Flattening my tongue against your center, tasting you as I slide my tongue inside your tightness.]

-a displeased mewl passes my lips as you pull your fingers out of me...I wasn't done with those yet. I fight to open my eyes, looking down at you as you move me against your face, your tongue sliding in my core. Holy fuck. My voice is breathy as I call out your name, my legs resting over your shoulders.-

[hearing your disapproval I smirk against your core, not slowing with my tongue as I bring my fingers still coated in your juices back down and massage over your tight hole as your legs go over my shoulders. Sucking greedily at your center]

-Fuck. My hips jerk against your face as your fingers tease my ass.- God, baby. I can't wait til that's your cock. -My head falling back against the pillow as my body writhes beneath you. I feel my inner muscles begin tightening around your tongue, pulsing lightly-

[your words have me moaning against your core as I slide my tongue in and out of your core faster while I slowly enter my finger inside your tight hole. Feeling your core pulse around my tongue I don't stop, pushing my finger further inside you, stretching you slowly with your core dripping into my mouth]

-feeling the vibrations of your moan, I give a short-lived smirk. As your finger pushes inside me, the coil snaps and I scream out your name as I cum against your face.- SHONN!!!

[lapsing up every drop as you cum keeping my fingers inside your tightness as I reach for my cock and stroke my hardened length.] Fuck you taste so damn good, peaches. [kneeling between your shaking legs as I slowly rub the blunt tip of my cock over your wetness.] Tell me if it hurts. [slowly removing my fingers and replacing them with the tip of my cock coated in your juices.]

-my eyes widen as you move over me, your words registering as your tip rests at my entrance. Nodding in response, my hands reach up and grip your arm.- I love you. -I close my eyes, focusing on my breathing as I try to remain relaxed.-

[slowly push my hips forward and leaning down to kiss your neck as I feel your tight hole stretch just around my thick tip. Fuck your ass is so tight. Nipping at your throat then sucking leaving marks as I continue to move my hips forward. Taking you slowly, moaning against your neck] I fucking love you [feeling your tightness taking me in]

-I arch into you, my head tilting to the side for your mouth. Feeling your hips pressing toward me as my ass slowly takes your cock, my head ducks and my lips press against your shoulder as my arms wrap around you. As your thick length presses inside me, there's an intense burning sensation and a soft whimper passes my lips.-

[hearing you I slow my hips as I turn to meet your lips and kiss you. Sliding my hand between our bodies as stopping to massages over your sensitive clit before going lower and massaging my fingers over your wetness before pushing my cock further inside your tight ass. My tongue darting in your mouth, letting you taste yourself as your body again relaxes letting me push another thick inch inside you]

-my hips jerk as your fingers tease my clit, still hyper-sensitive from your mouth. I feel you shift deeper inside me as I taste myself on your tongue. Moaning against your mouth, I begin relaxing, feeling your hips begin to move again. When your cock is fully inside me, I break the kiss, my hands moving down your back to grip your ass.- Hold still. -I look up into your eyes as I begin to rock my hips experimentally, gently.-

[fearing I hurt you as you body finally takes all of my me, I stop and stare at your beautiful face just as you roll your hips] Oh fuck yes Beth. [holding up my weight, bracing myself on my left elbow as your hips keep moving, feeling your tight ass allowing my dick to slide in and out of you, milking me.] You are so fucking beautiful, Beth [breath becoming heavy as your tightness strokes the length of my cock slowly.]

-My lips curve into a grin as I move my hips against you, my ass taking your cock a little easier each time I roll my hips.- like that, do ya, baby? -I press my lips to yours as I release your ass, nails scratching up your back as I nip at your lips.-

I like that a lot [slowly pushing a couple fingers inside your wet pussy while you keep rolling your hips letting your ass work my my cock. Biting a lip as your nails rake up my back, my hips thrust into you, feeling your body arch into mine. My right hand works your core while your tight hole brings me closer to my release]

-gasping as your fingers push inside my wet pussy, my body arches into you just as your hips move- God, baby. -Greedily, I grind my hips against your hand, causing your dick to move inside me. I let out a loud moan as I grip your shoulders, my eyes closing as my head rests back against the pillows- Shonn.. Baby....

[feeling the muscles in my back tense as I hear the sound of your voice] Fuck Beth [unable to slow my hips, thrusting my dick deeper inside your tightness, taking you a little harder as my release builds. The pleasurable tension in my body builds, your tight hole feels like a vice grip, my lids slam shut and I call out your name] BETH

-opening my eyes as you call out my name, I slide my hands down your back, gently scratching.- Yes, baby. -leaning up, I murmur in your ear- Cum inside me, Shonn. Claim my ass. -I gently scrape my teeth over your earlobe, clenching my ass around you.-

[not able to hold back any longer I bring my finger from your core and massage them over your clit to bring you to another orgasm as I spill my warm release in your tight hole, claiming what's already mine. My hips jerk as I cum inside you, breath heavy] I fucking love you

-your fingers moving over my clit set me off and I scream out as my orgasm slams through me, feeling your cock jerk inside me before filling my ass. My hands clutch and grip at you as I slowly catch my breath.-  I love you more.

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