Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 2013 Thrill by @DeadlyPayne


“Mistress, the Master is ready to see you now.”

She turned slowly towards the elderly steward, her emerald green eyes reflecting the flickering candlelight dancing around the room, “Thank you, Maxwell, pleasure to see you as always.”

She strode confidently into the library where Aeron was waiting. His light blue eyes bore holes into her as they ran over her form fitting leather and lace dress. Aeron indicated to a chair alongside his, his voice velvety smooth. “Karii, please.”

Karii waited until she had his full attention before taking a seat, making a great showing of crossing her legs to reveal the slit clear up her hip. Aeron darted his tongue over his lower lip at that teasing of bare flesh before he slowly raised his eyes to meet Karii’s. “Always a pleasure” He slid his chair closer and lightly traced his finger along her thigh.

Her smile grew, even as she pushed his hand away when it wandered too far, “I assume there was a reason you asked me here tonight?”

Karii saw the vials and knew what Aeron needed. He gave a small smile, “I wanted to discuss the prisoner as well as ask a favor.”

“My blood is yours, Aeron.” Karii held out her arm and rested it on the armrest. “The prisoner was dealt with as I know you saw.” Karii’s lips twitched in a smirk.

Aeron leaned forward and wrapped his hand around her wrist, “I did, why do you not allow me to take from the source, Kar?” his voice almost a purr, “Are you frightened?” Aeron placed a soft kiss on her tender skin.

Karii attempted to pull her hand free, but Aeron tightened his fingers. “You don’t frighten me, Aeron.”
“Oh, I think I do, Kar” He grazed his fangs over her vein.

Karii shifted in her chair, taking a shaky breath, “Aeron, you only want this because I refuse. If I give in, the thrill will be over.”

He gave a quick flick of his wrist and deftly pulled Karii into his lap, her dress sliding up as his other arm locked around her waist, clamping her much smaller frame to his. “I’ll be the judge of that” Aeron brushed her hair back and ran his lips along her neck, his fingers splaying over her stomach. “I do not believe the thrill will ever be gone.” He found the lobe of her ear and nipped lightly. His breath blew against her ear as he flicked his tongue over the lobe, causing a wave of anticipated pleasure to course through her.

Aeron’s other hand slid along her side and cupped her under the chin, tilting her head to the side, his other hand tracing the pattern of lace and leather that covered her stomach as he held her in place. He found the tender spot behind her ear and Karii let out a whimpered moan between clenched lips. She shifted again and felt his erection straining against his slacks. Her eyes went wide and she found herself curious to see if what she felt matched up to reality. Aeron’s arm tightened and he groaned against her skin at the movement.

Aeron inhaled, his nostrils flaring as he caught the scent of Karii’s desire. “Tell me that you don’t want this,” he lifted his hips and ground his arousal against her ass. Aeron slid his hand further up her stomach to cup her breast in his hand, eliciting a small moan from Karii.

His fingers found and pinched her pebbled nipple through the tight confines of her dress and all rational thought left her brain. In a flash of movement, Karii found herself sitting on the desk, Aeron between her legs as he pinned her in place. His eyes flashed and he lowered his face towards hers, fangs bared, Aeron’s arousal ground against Karii, causing her to elicit a low moan as her body screamed for more.

She slid her tongue along her lower lip and darted her hands to his waist band to undo his slacks.  Once his pants were undone, her hand ran down his stomach to slip inside, gasping as her fingers grazed his hardened length. Aeron buried his face in her neck, nipping and licking the tender skin. Her fingers wrapped around him and caused Aeron to drag his fangs down her neck in anticipation. Karii hooked her leg around Aeron’s waist and used her heel to pull his pants down, her fingers never leaving his erection as she moved her hand along his length. Aeron growled against her neck and trailed a hand from her knee up her leg and between them. Her fingers stuttered their movement when he began tracing her slick folds with his finger, teasing her body until she was raising her hips and desperately seeking more contact. He let out a low chuckle as his long finger pressed between her folds and circled her entrance before pressing inside her. Aeron pressed a second finger inside and began priming her, he’d waited so long, he wanted her at his mercy. Her hips rose from the desk, writhing under the assault of his fingers, her lips parted and she let out a small whimper as her fingers tightened around him, attempting to direct him. Aeron nipped at her neck, “What’s the matter, Kar?” He pressed his thumb against her slightly swollen nub as his fingers scissored inside her.

Karii tipped her head to the side allowing him free access to her neck in a silent invitation and Aeron wasted no time. He pulled his fingers free and removed her hand from him, taking his length he ran it over her folds, standing up to his full height to run his eyes over her. Aeron couldn’t wait any longer, he placed his other hand on her hip and slowly slid his length into her. Karii held her breath and her eyes went wide, feeling him in her fingers hadn’t prepared her for the sheer size of him. Aeron buried himself completely inside her and held still, giving her time to adjust while he took in the sight of her. Her breasts heaving against the tight fabric of her dress, her face flushed with desire and her eyes half-glazed. She let out a soft moan and began rocking her hips against him, her hands reaching up to grab his shirt and pull him close. He gripped her hips and pulled out almost completely before burying himself once more. He wanted more, wanted her closer so he leaned down and whispered for her to wrap her arms around his neck, once she complied, he lifted her from the desk and sat back on the chair.

Karii kept her arms on Aeron’s shoulders as she shifted in his lap, each movement reminding of the tightness of her body around him. Aeron tipped his head and claimed Karii’s lips in a slow but thorough kiss as his hands griped her hips and began pulling her along his throbbing length. Karii dug her nails into his shoulders, breaking the kiss as her head dropped back, a mumbled string of curses spilled from her crimson lips. Aeron moved his lips down her jaw to her neck, teasing the vein with his tongue and teeth, murmuring against the skin in his native tongue, “Faen, du føler deg så bra, min onde lite, trollkvinne.” His fangs grazed the vein, resisting as long as he could, focusing solely on bringing her to pleasure. Their movements becoming near frantic, his hips rising off the seat as he met her movements, grinding, writhing, slamming motions, moans growing louder as her breath grew ragged. Aeron nipped and sucked her neck harshly, he felt her tighten around his length and knew she was close. He let out a low growl and bit down, piercing the skin easily as he latched on to her vein.

Her blood spilling into his mouth and Aeron let out a deep throated moan, his eyes rolling at the flavor. She was right, this was better than from a vial any damn day of the week. Aeron took deep pulls, letting the rich liquid spill down his throat, his fingers tightening on her hips as he increased his movements. Karii cried out the moment his fangs sunk in, her orgasm raced down her spine and she slammed against him, his fingers bruising touch not even phasing her. Aeron pulled his fangs free and licked the wounds, but was nowhere near finished with her. He stood, wrapped her legs around his waist, Karii’s nails dragging across his back while he walked them out of the library and up the stairs to his room. Aeron lifted his head and met her eyes, she saw the glaze, saw him bordering on the edge, but she herself too far gone to care. He barely paused as he stepped out of his slacks, didn’t pay attention to the servants gaping as they passed, all he knew was that he needed her on his bed. 

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