Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 2013 Excerpt from INNOCENCE LOST by Helen Johnston


Written by Helen Johnston

“Kiss me Jarryd!” Siobhan demanded him, he didn’t need to be asked again and moved in to ravish her mouth.
Siobhan turned her body so she was facing him she wrapped her arms around him to draw him to her. Giving herself over to the delicious feelings the drugs were enhancing. Siobhan wrapped her long legs around him and enjoyed the way he kissed her. It felt like he hadn’t kissed anyone for a very long time. He soon had Siobhan gasping and wanting more.
With her eyes closed she really could have been kissing Blake, she ran her tongue over his lips and flicked his fangs as she gently kissed him. This kiss was such a gentle, sweet kiss with no other schedule or meaning, just a kiss to render her breathless. Jarryd was now running his tongue over her teeth, his arms around her waist running his hands up and down her spine not to comfort this time but to enflame.
He lifted Siobhan up out of the water and sat her down on the side and pushed her down so that she was now lying on her back on the floor tiles with her legs dangling in the water. He pulled her to him so her bum was right on the edge of the tub. He knelt down as he placed her legs over his shoulders.
“I’ve been looking forward to getting my teeth around this little gold hoop!” He whispered against her body as he ducked his face low so he could place his tongue on her gold hoop. He bit it and gave it a little pull.
Siobhan’s back arched and her hands pushed against the hard floor as she pushed herself into his willing mouth. He knew exactly what she needed of him, so he began to lick her, small little licks which were more like hot little kisses. His hands were all over her body exploring her, getting to know her by the sighs she made when she liked something that he was doing. He was in no rush; he wouldn’t be made to hurry up when she tried to get him to speed up.
“Have patience Si!” Jarryd chuckled as he took hold of her hands and placed them on her breasts. “Pinch your nipples and enjoy yourself! While I enjoy myself here.” He instructed her, Siobhan felt the drugs over ride any embarrassment she might have felt. She pulled them tentatively and then bucked at the electric shocks they sent down her body to where Jarryd was enjoying her.   
Jarryd’s fingers were now burying themselves deep inside of her, while his tongue had changed speed and was now pushing her onwards towards another orgasm. Siobhan began to pant and arch her back.
“Please, please, I need to come now!” She begged of her new bed partner.
“As you ask so sweetly, I will help you come.” Jarryd called out as he plunged two of his fingers deep inside of her while his fingers of his other hand did delicious things to her bud along with his tongue and brought about an almighty orgasm.
Siobhan cried out and came with such a force she felt her body rise and then crumble beneath his expert touch. As she lay on the tiles with her eyes shut, she was locked away in her own private world. Jarryd jumped out of the water and picked her up and carried her to the bed.
He could feel Siobhan was still in the throes of her orgasm, she felt warm, soft and wet to his touch. When he had placed her on the bed he walked over to the wall and picked out some things to enhance their pleasure. Jarryd reached the bed where Siobhan was waiting for him, he first blindfolded her then he attached the nipple clamps and watched as Siobhan whimpered and started to tremble.
He also had cuffed her hands to the bed. Next came a buzzing sound and a second later Siobhan could feel Jarryd spreading her legs and pushing himself into her. He filled her all the way up; only when he was in her did he stop so she could feel what was making that buzzing sound.
Siobhan let out a low moan as whatever Jarryd had attached to his cock had made contact with her bud. It was made of soft rubber, she could feel that much, also it felt like it had little rubber spikes all over it. It was vibrating against her most sensitive place while Jarryd’s hands were gently tugging at her nipple clamps. His mouth was devouring hers with long hard kisses.
Jarryd could feel Siobhan was close to another orgasm so he picked up the pace. His hips pushing himself deeper and deeper into her, which Siobhan was matching with her own as she lifted her hips up so she could receive him. Calling out to him to hurry and release her, Siobhan was becoming frantic for release.
Jarryd pulled off the nipple clamp’s and bit down on a nipple very nearly biting her for real and Siobhan screamed out as the first wave broke over her. Her legs and internal muscles clamped Jarryd to her as she held onto him until she was spent, not caring if he had come or not, but it only took one final hard push for Jarryd to reach his own orgasm.
Jarryd quickly reached up and un-cuffed Siobhan’s hands and rolled them over so she was now lying on top of him.
 “Come here!” He growled deeply as he pulled her down to kiss her, his hands running through her hair. He was satisfied that she was panting heavily and seemed quite content to lie on him and relax. Siobhan closed her eyes and her hands were rested gently on Jarryd’s shoulders, she was trying to catch her breath. She wondered what on earth Blake would feel about someone that he had sent in to the lion’s den to try and guard her, and she had ended up sleeping with him. What a mess, I think I must be turning into a nymphomaniac she thought sadly to herself. 

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