Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 2013 JOYRIDE by @MrsDrMcSparkly


The week had been long, too long. Jessie had been looking forward to a night in her pajamas, relaxing on her couch, but then Justin had called to tell her he was picking her up from work and taking her someplace special. It had been almost two weeks since she’d seen him, and even though she was sure he’d missed her, she knew surprises weren’t his thing. But maybe he was changing. Maybe this would be the night he took their relationship to the next level…
At the end of the day, Jessie waited outside for him. When she finally saw his car pull up, her lips curved up at the edges and she stood just a bit straighter, no longer feeling the ache from her heels but grateful she’d worn them. She went over and leaned in through his open window, flashing a seductive smile, admiring his wind-tousled dark waves, his strong jaw, and his piercing blue eyes in spite of herself. “Were you looking for me?”
Justin grinned in response, no doubt enjoying her checking him out. “You and only you.” He leaned across to open the door for her, and she slid into the passenger seat.
“Where are you taking me?”
He reached across the space between them and laid his hand on her thigh. “I’m going to take you to the moon and back,” he told her, a hint of erotic promise sounding behind his extravagant words.
Jessie resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “Oh really,” she countered. But when his hand slipped under her skirt to rest on her bare skin instead, she rethought her dismissal.
“Really,” he answered in a low voice edged with huskiness, one Jessie knew all too well. That voice betrayed need; it promised pleasure. Jessie tilted her head, meeting his gaze. His eyes reflected the same desire as his voice, igniting a spark within her. His fingers began moving toward her lace panties, moving as though her thigh was new territory for him, as if he wanted to learn every nuance of her skin.
“Eyes on the road,” she admonished, but she couldn’t hide the hitch in her breath as his fingers came dangerously close to her core.
His low chuckle filled the car, the vibration of it sending a shiver through her. He turned his head, but she could still feel the heat of his gaze on her. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked just as he trailed one finger over the lace covering the most intimate part of her.
“No.” The word was a whisper, a plea, and he took the invitation. Without taking his eyes off the road, Justin’s fingers tunneled under her panties, teasing her, tantalizing her with the promise of things to come, all without easing the ache building inside her.
In moments, Jessie was shifting on the seat, trying to urge Justin’s fingers to her most sensitive spot. But he felt her movements and promptly pulled his hand away, bringing his fingers to his lips and cleaning them. Jessie’s eyes followed his movements, the sight of his tongue on his fingers making her imagine his caressing strokes elsewhere. Once again Justin turned to Jessie, a smirk playing on his lips. “I can guess what you’re thinking. And don’t worry…once I have you out of this car, my tongue will be exactly where you want it, drinking all of you in…”
 A whimper escaped her at his words, and he floored the accelerator, as if he couldn’t wait to hear more of those sounds from her. Before long he’d made it to a mountain overlook and thrown the car into park. He got out and came around to open her door, taking her hand and helping her out. “I brought you up here to give you something,” he told her. “But now I have another gift in mind…”
Justin led her around to the hood of the car and lifted her up. “Smart move, wearing a skirt.” He ran his hands from her ankles up her legs, catching the material of her skirt mid-thigh and bunching it around her hips. “You knew how much I’d want you,” he added, drawing the words out as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and drew them down her legs. He tossed the scrap of fabric on top of the car before spreading her legs. Captivated by the sight of her glistening folds, he leaned down and blew a stream of cool air over her slick flesh, sending a shiver through her. Then his tongue was on her, exploring and tasting, just as he’d promised.
Jessie couldn’t stop the moans that filled the otherwise-quiet night. She had never felt more exposed, more wicked…or more alive. His tongue delved inside her, penetrating and retreating, and just when she was close to begging for him to fill her completely, he pulled back and tested her sensitivity, flicking the tip of his tongue over her bundle of nerves. Her fingers fisted his hair as she arched her hips against him, his sweet torments enough to keep her on the edge, to leave her nearly breathless, but not to bring her any real satisfaction. “More…Justin, more…”
His low chuckle sent another delicious shiver through her, and for a moment she thought he might resist, but then he was fulfilling her demand. His lips closed around her hot flesh, kissing and tugging. Then his tongue rasped against her, faster and faster until his flicks were nearly unmerciful. She couldn’t resist looking, and the sight of him between her legs, her essence slick on his lips, his tongue working her, was enough to bring a tidal wave of pleasure crashing down on her. Loud moans filled the night as she rode the crest of the orgasm, eventually sagging against the hood, the metal cool against her heated skin. “Was that…it?” she managed between breaths.
Not giving her more time to recover, he pulled her off the car and spun her around, trapping her between the bumper and his body, his erection fitting perfectly into the groove of her ass. “Not even close,” he whispered by her ear, his voice gruff with need.
She wiggled against him, teasing him just as he’d teased her, and even though he was the one who groaned, the friction only made her want him all over again. Before she could beg, Justin had his pants undone and his thick erection freed. Fitting his hips against her ass, he rocked them against her, rubbing his blunt tip against her bundle of nerves, coating himself in her arousal. “Damn, baby…” He couldn’t finish his thought without burying himself deep inside her, and it was his turn to moan as her tight heat took him in.
Jessie’s teeth nearly broke through the skin of her lip as she tried to hold in her own sound of pleasure. He was deep inside her, so deep, but not deep enough. Using the car for leverage, she pushed herself up and let herself fall onto him, forcing his length all the way home inside her. This time she couldn’t keep quiet. “Give me everything…don’t hold back.”
A feral sound tore from his throat, and before he even realized he was moving, his hips were hammering against her ass, driving hard and deep inside her. His arm reached around her and his fingers found her breast, kneading and caressing it before his fingers closed around her hardened nipple, gently rolling and pinching it, his touch becoming rougher as his control slipped away.
His pinch on her nipple sent the first tremor of pleasure spearing through her, and the faster his hips moved, the more her thoughts scattered, until she had been reduced to panting and writhing, lost to another orgasm, his name a hoarse cry on her lips.
The feeling of her core pulsing wildly around him nearly broke him, but he refused to be finished with her yet. He’d been with her in almost every position, but it was always him giving, never taking. That was going to change now. This time when he came, he wanted to be drunk on the sight of her, wanted her to know that nobody else would ever make him feel this way. As soon as he felt her tremors subside, he withdrew from her even though his body screamed in protest, demanded that he finished.
Finding strength she didn’t know she still had, Jessie turned, her blissed-out expression quickly turning to one of pissed-off. “Why didn’t you finish?”
In answer, Justin moved her away from the car and sat on the hood where she had been before. Raking his eyes over her lithe body, his cock throbbing painfully from the delay, he answered her. “I want you to finish me.”
Jessie’s eyes widened, his words the last thing she’d expected to hear. And even though she was sure she would be sore tomorrow, even though her body still felt limp from the two orgasms he’d given her, she didn’t give him a chance to change his mind. Without hesitation she climbed onto the hood and straddled him, wrapping her hand around his thick length, moving it up and down his shaft that was still glossy from her.
His eyes glazed over as his head dropped back against the car, the words leaving before he could stop them. “Please, Jessie…finish me…now.” His begging nearly undid her again, and in this moment she was helpless to deny him anything. She guided him back to her entrance and sank down on him, savoring the new angle. Leaning down, she brought her lips to his, the simple touch making his length jerk inside her. Smirking to herself, she moved her lips to his ear, nipping his lobe before whispering in a low, sultry voice, “Get ready for the ride of your life…” And then she gave him just that.

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