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Jan 2013 JEDRA by Adrianna Vincent

by Adrianna Vincent

“Mr. Valcompt, A.I. International has been in business for 35 years, and in all that time we’ve not had one dissatisfied customer.”
“I understand that, but… has anyone ever been able to tell?”
“Yes.  I’m in a high profile career and the last thing I want is to be made a fool of in the eyes of my colleagues.”
“Unlikely sir. There are ways to find out, but it would require intimate scrutiny and extensive research by a very suspicious person. Our handlers have taken great care to ensure complete legitimacy on the part of our models, so there would be no reason for suspicion. Please Mr. Valcompt, try to relax. Everything will work out fine. You’ll see.”
But Gregg worried. He didn’t want to be discovered. After all, it’s not like he couldn’t attract women. On the contrary. He was simply sick and tired of the liars, cheaters and gold-diggers. He wanted a woman who was fun and faithful, and sexually compatible. A.I. International seemed like the perfect solution.
The model he chose was perfect. When he met her he was nearly knocked over by her beauty. She was outstanding, beyond extraordinary, everything he’d ever dreamed of in a woman. But was she too perfect?
Regardless, he’d brought her home.
“Jedra? Come here.”
“A moment darling!”
Darling? Shit - she sounded like a fucking Stepford wife. Jesus, everyone was gonna know something was up if she kept talking like that. He’d have to fix that.
But right now he wanted to see how she handled him sexually.
He listened to her in the kitchen, then watched as she entered the study, radiant and happy to see him. Christ, she was sexy, and he immediately hardened as she sat in his lap at the desk.
“What can I do for you, darling? Do you want a drink before dinner?”
“No,” he said, sliding his hand up her thigh and under her short black pleated skirt, “I want Submission.”
“Oh, of course. Here?”
“Yes. Take your clothes off.”
Without question, she did as she was told, and stood before him in nothing but black pumps and a leather crotchless harness with black stockings. That harness was interesting – Gregg had often wondered what it would be like to suck cock. Having Jedra meant he could explore nearly every fantasy he’d ever had, without losing her, feeling self-conscious, or falling victim to hateful gossip.
“Beautiful.” Gregg ran his hands over her flawless skin. How he wanted to dominate her, control her, make her scream. But the neighbours. He smiled as he wondered if there was a mute button. But that wouldn’t be nearly as fun.
“I’m going to hurt you.”
“Oh… not really?”
“You’re going to love it.”
“I’m going to love it. Yes, yes hurt me Gregg!”
Damn that was hot! Pace yourself Gregg, before you cum in your pants.
“On the floor,” he said, “on your back; play with yourself.”
Jedra complied, one hand beginning to squeeze her perfect tits, the other moving in circles over the lips of her smooth pussy. She moaned and writhed, truly seeming to enjoy herself. When she looked at him, her eyes sparkled. Extraordinary.
He forced her hands above her head and told her not to let go of the desk leg. He was rough with her, listening to her whimper. But despite her fear she would comply, she would always comply.
One of Gregg’s best features was the above-average size of his cock, long and thick. He dropped his pants and stood over her. He stroked it, pulled on it, waved it at her, and she licked her lips causing a rush of excitement to thrill through him.
He kneeled, straddling her chest and forced his cock into her mouth and down her throat.
“Too easy. Fight me, just a little.” Immediately her throat tightened, and she squirmed and bucked, even gagged. Perfect.
“Suck it slave, that’s it, choke on it.” Gregg’s head fell back and his eyes closed, as his very own goddess sucked his dick like an expert.
He looked down at her again, watching her chest heave as she fought for the air that she didn’t really need, even drooled from the corners of her mouth as she serviced him.
He reached back and pinched her puckered nipples, “Fuck you’ve got nice tits,” he said, giving one of them a slap, “nice, big tits.”
Deciding to see what she would do on her own, he told her to let go of the desk. Continuing to suck him, she reached around and pulled his ass cheeks apart, questing for his asshole, tapping it. Gregg’s breathing quickened, “Mmm, Jedra – you are a sexy little thing aren’t you?”
She managed a muffled ‘mm-hm’ as she slid a finger inside him. His pulse raced. Christ, she was good!
Pulling out of her mouth, he helped her up, “Stay here,” he said, and she stood like a statue, her head down, waiting.
Gregg returned with a crop and moved behind her. He whacked her supple ass, and she jumped. He wrapped it around her chest and pulled back, causing her erect nipples to disappear into the soft pillows of flesh beneath them. He kicked her legs apart, and shoved the crop between them, sliding it backward between her pussy lips and up the crack of her ass.
Her head was still down, and he grabbed her shiny auburn hair and yanked it back, whispering that she was his, would always be his, that he could do anything to her, and she would love it and beg for more. She nodded, trembling and he felt another rush of excitement.
is cock pressed into her, poked and prodded, sliding between her legs along her slit, feeling her very realistic juices flood around it. He could even smell her. No longer able to stand it, he threw the crop aside, pushed her roughly forward over the desk and mounted her, fucking her hard and fast, occasionally slapping her ass.
“Scream for me!” he commanded, and she did, her performance flawless. He yanked his cock out and shoved it up her perfect ass, and she grunted with what sounded like pain. After a few strokes, he fucked her pussy once more, really slamming into her as she struggled for purchase on the edges of the desk, paperwork and other items scattering everywhere. He enjoyed laying on the hurt a little, but it was hard to find a woman willing to put up with it, or who was even any good at faking it, let alone one who liked it.
She screamed again, the sound like an aphrodisiac flowing through his veins. His orgasm was upon him, too close to control damn it, but he was determined to see hers first, “Cum Jedra! Cum for me! Now!”
She issued a veritable battle cry of lust, and her body began to shake, her legs quivering uncontrollably, her pussy tightening around his cock, squeezing his orgasm from him in the process. The two of them moaned and groaned and panted, their juices mixing together and dripping down the insides of her thighs.
Holy shit! He’d never been able to let go like that before! He felt so powerful and alive!
Jedra continued to roll her hips in a slow fuck, milking him, and he decided to test her, “Did I please you, baby?”
“Oh yes, Gregg. I love it when you’re rough and forceful.”
Okay, with a few adjustments the Submission program was a keeper.
And there were so many more: Dirty Slut, Naughty Secretary, Horny Teacher, Mistress Jedra - each more exciting than the last. Cybernetics had come a long way in the last decade.
As for Jedra being too perfect, he no longer cared. This was way too much fun, and he was glad he’d chosen the Sex Slave model from A.I.’s long line of Companions. And he could easily tweak her programming, making her more realistic and seemingly less perfect, when he wished her to appear that way.
He turned his attention to Jedra, still beneath him. His cock was softening, and he pulled it from her listening to her gasp. He helped her up and turned her toward him, giving her a deep, sweet kiss. Again, everything about it was perfect, and she seemed to melt beneath his touch. He wondered if anyone had ever fallen in love with an A.I. Companion.
Jedra gazed at him, “Was that not everything you dreamed of, darling?”
“Yes, it was. But Jedra, don’t call me ‘darling’ anymore, okay? It’s too old fashioned.”
She smiled at him, and then looked shocked as her main program resumed, “The roast!” She quickly gathered up her clothes and put them on as she made her way to the door of the study and out into the hall. Gregg decided to try something.
Her voice came down the hall from the kitchen, “Yes, my love?”
My love?  He laughed and shook his head, “Never mind.”

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